Stacey and Skylar’s Wedding at BlueBridge Events

Our Real Detroit Wedding: November 9, 2019

“Our Mike Staff Productions experience was great! I would definitely recommend you! I knew that I wanted Mike Staff Productions to do my wedding for over 10 years now and I made sure it happened!”

– Happy Bride, Stacey

Our Love Story

I actually knew he was planning on proposing. We had visited BlueBridge Events and absolutely fell in love with the place so we snatched up the VERY LAST date they had left for 2019. We started dating November 9, 2017 and we signed the contract with BlueBridge on November 9, 2018, the night before I left for a 3 week long European trip. After a little over a week on my river cruise, it was time to meet Skylar. I flew from Switzerland to Venice to meet up with Skylar and I could tell he was nervous. We got to the hotel and I was giving him his gifts I had picked up along my cruise and he said he had a present for me for our anniversary. He had written me a long live note in my card and said that he was hoping to return home with a fiance. I looked up from the letter to find him on the balcony with a ring! Of course I said yes!!!

Our Wedding Vision

I definitely wanted it to be romantic. I wanted candlelight and flowers everywhere. BlueBridge not only was the perfect setting, but they work on the flowers and the ambiance was more than I could have ever asked for. I also wanted everyone to have a ton of fun and enjoy themselves. I wanted everyone to leave saying, “That was the best wedding I’ve ever been to!” And thankfully I was able to achieve everything I ever wanted and more!

Our Wedding Videography

A video captures expressions and moments that can’t always be captured on camera. I love photos and they were amazing, but the wedding video was a must have for me. You get a feeling from the movement you experience as you go through the day, getting to not only see yourselves, but all of your loved ones there. Watching it makes us feel like we’re right back there on that special day. Definitely a must have!

Our Wedding Photography

Oh my goodness, our photos were so important to me! We never got to have engagement photos taken of us because of my heart surgery, so these were the only professional photos we’ve ever had taken. Not only that, but your wedding is a one shot, only one day experience. There is no redo. Our wedding photographer was great! We had talked several times on the phone before our wedding and he was so nice and easygoing. He came up the night before to look at the location and get a feel for everything. The day of, he made us both comfortable and was willing to do anything. He literally walked out onto a partially frozen lake to get a light out there to take one of the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen. He did an amazing job!

Our Wedding Memories

My favorite moment had to be seeing Skylar for the first time. We have been pretty much inseparable since the day we met and my work trip/cruise was the longest we had ever been apart. Not spending the night together before the wedding was hard for us and neither of us could sleep as we spend much of the night talking/texting each other. Once we finally got to see each other that day, it was heart stopping and just pure bliss. A great moment for us is when we exchanged gifts and gave each other cards. We both swore that we had gotten each other the best card ever! As we stood there and opened our cards together, we couldn’t help but to bust out laughing as we had both went to Hallmark stores and got each other different cards, but were both pop up cards of Venice! It was perfect! Another very special moment for me was the father daughter dance. My father unfortunately passed away almost 10 years ago but we had always had our song that we danced to whenever it came on. So after Skylar danced with his mother, I then decided to do a speech in honor of my father, in which I invited all the fathers that were there with their daughters to dance to our song in his memory. I had picture lockets of my father sewn to the backs of my shoes so that he could still walk my down the aisle and get to dance our song together.

Stacey and Skylar’s Wedding Vendors