Vicki and William’s Wedding at Planterra Conservatory

Our Real Detroit Wedding: November 17, 2019

The overall experience was fantastic! Everyone we worked with was kind and professional. We planned our Michigan wedding all the way from Los Angeles, and even without a planner, the whole planning process and coordinating was simple and organized and up to the day of, everything went smoothly. We would highly recommend Mike Staff, and especially Daniel Priest, our amazing wedding videographer, and the best wedding DJ, Kevin C. We really appreciate Daniel and DJ Kevin C!

Happy Bride, Vicki

Our Love Story

William proposed at a secluded beach in Santa Barbara, California. We had plans for a romantic dinner at The Lark, and on the way, we stopped at the beach. He had a photographer friend hiding out on the beach, and his friend got all the shots of his proposal and of me ugly crying. I was completely surprised when he proposed, and I was crying tears joy.

We met when I was just finishing school. When I had finished my board exams, he surprised me with a getaway along the central coast to destress. Our first stop was a in Santa Barbara, where we finally got to spend quality time together. We had a romantic dinner at The Lark, and had a memorable time together. 4 years later, he surprised me with a weekend getaway to Santa Barbara, and mentioned dinner at The Lark again. On the way to dinner, we stopped at a secluded beach, where he then proposed.

Our Wedding Video

We hear the day goes by so fast and it is such a blur, so we wanted to be able to remember our wedding day. We also had special guests that were unable to attend in person and we wanted to be able to share the special day with them too. Our wedding day felt like the best day of our lives, and watching our video relived that feeling.

We are so happy we decided to get a wedding video because there were a lot of little details that we missed throughout the day, so it was fun seeing our wedding day from another point of view. For us, the amazing wedding videography was just as, if not more important than the wedding photography.

Our Wedding DJ

DJ Kevin C played Country Grammer by Nelly. It’s such a random song, but it somehow got all the guys at our wedding, including my dad and my uncles, doing the same dance move across the dance floor. We still laugh about it and Country Grammer might be one of our favorite songs now. Our first dance was to Elton John – Your Song, because it’s a beautiful song.

Our Favorite Wedding Memories

Our favorite memory was our last dance of the night together.  We looked back at the day together, and we realized it was the best day of our lives. All of our friends and family circled around us as we slow danced. We felt all the love and happiness from our friends and family at that moment, and it was the best feeling we’ve ever felt.

Another favorite moment was our tea ceremony, a Chinese tradition to show respect to our families. I surprised my family by wearing my mom’s qipao that she wore on her wedding day. This qipao was a custom made gown that was given to her as a gift from her mom. It was an honor to wear that dress and it was special to see my parents’, aunties’ and uncles’ reaction, because they all remembered that dress when my mom wore it on her wedding day.

Vicki and William’s Wedding Vendors