Build Your Wedding Budget In 3 Simple Steps

Where to Begin When Building Your Wedding Budget

It’s such an overwhelming task to try and build your wedding budget when you’ve never planned a wedding before! Your wedding will likely be the biggest party you’ve ever hosted — and the priciest.  So, to avoid (what will feel like)  handing wads of cash over to wedding vendors for the next 12 months – we’re trying to make this as easy as possible and we feel if you follow these 3 simple steps – you’ll be keeping money in your pocket!

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1. Communicate

The first step to setting a wedding budget is to communicate with all parties involved. Talk with your families about who will pay for what, if they plan on contributing. For many couples, talking to each family separately is the best way to have truly open discussions. Next, as a couple, discuss how much you two can contribute between now and the wedding.

Create and maintain a detailed spreadsheet throughout the planning process and share with those contributing so everyone is always on the same page.

Don’t Dip: If you are financing part or all, put your wedding money in a separate bank account. This will help with overspending and dipping into your savings. If you are using credit cards, choose a card that gives rewards or cash back.

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2. Prioritize the Percentages

Determine which areas of your wedding day are of higher priority to you, and reflect that in your wedding budget. In other words, allocate more money to areas that are more important to you.

For example, if wedding photography is more important to you than flowers make sure a larger percentage of your budget goes to photography rather than florals on your special day. 

3. Find Ways To Save

Throughout the planning process, alays be looking for ways to save. Some are obvious, while others are ways to save that couples don’t always consider:

Get strict with the guest list. It’s not always easy but fewer dinner entrees mean keeping more money in your pocket. Whether it’s a smaller bridal party or not having that table full of 4th cousins — getting strict with the guest list will help keep costs down.

One and done venue. There are multiple benefits of combining your ceremony and reception location.  In addition to the convenience, you can reduce the cost of multiple venues, transportation and decor. Again, simplifying equals savings.

Personalize the venue.  Load the wedding reception up with photos from your engagement session, mementos from your relationship and wedding pictures of your parents and members of bridal party! It’s personalized reception decor that tells your story and saves money!

Bundle services.  It can be a huge saving to bundle multiple services with a single company.  Simplify where you can! Select centerpieces, flowers and ceremony decorations with one florist.  Invitations, wedding programs, and personalized stationery with one printer. Get your DJ, photography and videography team at one place (hint, hint)! A win for everyone.

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