9 Commonly Overlooked Wedding Expenses

Don’t Forget These Overlooked Wedding Expenses When Planning Your Wedding Budget

wedding invitations

#1. Postage

For your wedding you will likely mail…

  • Save the Dates
  • Shower invitations
  • Wedding invitations
  • Response cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Wedding Shower

Many of those mailings may cost more than a normal letter due to weight and size.  To reduce the cost of postage, consider using e-vites (email invitations) for…

  • Rehearsal dinners
  • Bachelorette parties.

To save on stamps for your wedding correspondence, print as much information as possible on your invitation; ceremony and reception on the same paper.  Consider using postcards for responses which will lower the weight of the initial mailing and save on the return, getting you the most out of your wedding budget.

bride and groom cutting cake

#2. Cake-service fee

Some reception venues will allow you to bring a cake from your bakery, but then charge you a fee for cutting and serving the cake.  If they offer a cake as part of the package, they may be willing to waive the fee.  Ask and negotiate this before signing the contract.

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#3. Gratuities

As with most service based industries, it is customary to tip professionals on your wedding day.  Before handing out gratuities, verify that they have not been added to your contract in advance- a quick glance at the contract or invoice can help ensure accuracy.

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wedding venue

#4. Coat Check and Valet

Some sites offer coat check and valet service for a fee; often the bride and groom cover this expense for their guests.  If you are paying for this service, inquire if the attendants will be accepting gratuities from your guests.  If so, it is not necessary for you to tip an additional amount.

wedding cake

#5. Desserts

If you are serving your wedding cake after dinner, it is not necessary to add an additional dessert.  Save your budget by reducing this menu item or ask for a credit towards a late night snack.

overlooked wedding expense

#6. Alterations

Unless you find the perfect fit off the rack, you will likely need alterations to your wedding gown.  This is an easily overlooked wedding expense and can add up quick! To reduce the number needed, ask your gown consultant to measure you according to manufacturers specifications rather than ordering your usual size.  Find out before placing a deposit what the alteration schedule and fee is so you are prepared.  If the fees are higher than expected, you may be able to find another seamstress, but check contract language in advance.

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bride and groom dancing

#7. Prime Wedding Dates

Many wedding venues and vendors offer discounts for off-season, Friday and Sunday weddings.  If they don’t offer a straight discount, you may be able to negotiate extra perks; such as more time, dessert offerings or premium packages. It could be a great option for everyone involved.

overlooked wedding expense

#8. Personalized Extras

Personalized napkins, koozies, and other items used to be common wedding supplies. Budget savvy brides have realized they can ditch paying for these extra items and no one is the wiser.

#9. Guest Favors

Expensive chocolates are sweet, but not as sweet as the savings. It is becoming common to see fewer guest favors; many couples choosing to make a charitable donation and announce it in a picture frame instead.  The charity receives support and you save time and money on a quickly forgotten favor.  If you still want a guest favor, consider possibly going the DIY route to stretch your wedding budget further.

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