Planning Your Wedding Budget

Advice for getting started planning your wedding budget.

Planning Your Wedding Budget

Planning your budget is one of the first tasks you must complete as an engaged couple. Your budget acts as a guiding point during wedding planning. Neglecting a budget can lead to some costly regrets down the line.

Our wedding professionals shared their top four tips of advice to help you get started on that wedding budget.

1. Determine who is paying.

While the bride’s parents traditionally pay for the wedding costs, this is less common now. Most couples contribute to their wedding and both families assist if able. Have an honest conversation with both families to see what they are willing to contribute so that you’ll have a starting point to build from. Discuss what level of decision making they think their “gift” buys them.

2. Prioritize your budget.

Once you know how much money you are working with, it’s time to start dividing the pot. Think about what services, vendors and items you must have, or would like to have, and how much you need to allocate for each. Determine what services and categories are most important to you, and allocate a larger percentage of the budget to those. Less important details can be given a lower portion of the budget. This is a great time to prioritize your wish list

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3. Get a spreadsheet.

Now that you know how much money you have, and how much you have mentally spent, it’s time to start planning and tracking the budget. If you’re lucky enough to have a full wedding account, consider stretching it further by putting it into an interest-earning account. Just make sure it’s easily accessible as you begin to make deposits.

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4. Review your budget often.

Regularly review your wedding budget with your fiance so that you are both on the same page. Make adjustments as necessary as you go. If you noticed you spent over budget in one category, you can determine another category to spend less in. Routinely checking your wedding budget can help reduce stress caused by debt after the wedding. This is a great practice to get into as you start building budgets for your household too.

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