Master of Ceremonies

A Professional Wedding DJ should also be a well-trained Master of Ceremonies

Why Do I Need a MC?

Because these are the wedding disasters you want to avoid:

  • Unprofessional announcements
  • Mispronounced names and titles
  • Inappropriate remarks

…. talk about an easy way to ruin a wedding!  Nothing makes a crowd more uncomfortable than to sit in front of someone who is nervous and stuttering on the microphone. Often times, a DJ may try to hide this nervousness by turning into a cheesy “party motivator”, annoying guests and embarrassing the bride and groom. 

A professional clearly understands their boundaries and will never try to upstage the bride and groom by putting undue attention on themselves. The role of an MC is essentially to “run” the event and add structure to your wedding reception.

master of ceremonies

What will the MC do?

  • Announce your grand entrance
  • Wrangle guests for toasts and dinner
  • Coordinate speeches
  • Announce special dances
  • Act as a wedding coordinator
  • Communicate with vendors and guests

Bottom line, they help coordinate the nights events, including entrances, speeches, and special dances. They also help control the crowd, so the night’s events can proceed smoothly. Having a DJ and MC helps your wedding go off without a hitch – and takes the pressure of you to host the evening.

Your Certified DJ and MC

At Mike Staff Productions, you get just that, a professional wedding DJ that is also an experienced MC. That’s because we relentlessly qualify every DJ. In fact, only 3% of DJ applicants pass our rigorous certification process. 

We believe a professional wedding DJ should also be a well-trained Master of Ceremonies. This means being confident on the microphone and able to make important announcements and introductions in a classy, charismatic manner. Professionals will spend time preparing their announcements and have pride in their ability to pronounce everyone’s name correctly.

The unique part: you choose your own wedding DJ! We’ll recommend several fully vetted DJs based on your style, personality, and budget. Through their video portfolios, you’ll see how they approach their work so you can hand-select your perfect match.


Our Back-Up Plan

Yes, emergencies happen but that’s not your problem to solve. It’s ours. At Mike Staff Productions we expect the unexpected and have ready-made solutions waiting in the wings.

When you hire one of our team members, we immediately secure a back-up, someone is always on call and ready to go. Someone we pay and who is completely prepared and waiting by the phone, just in case.  

Our back-up plan is so solid that other photographers, videographers, and DJs call us when they have an emergency. Your backup DJ will know:

This means your backup DJ and MC will be just as prepared to host your party!

Why Mike Staff Productions?

We’ve created a crazy-effective team approach to save you time, money and stress.

When you hire our team, you get:

Realistic Prices

We understand most couples don’t have a sky’s-the-limit budget. And we don’t think that should get in the way of your perfect day.

Have the wedding you want,without blowing your budget.

A Packed Dance Floor

Your wedding day should feel like you—so we’ll help you choose a DJ who can bring your vision to life.

Feel comfortable with a DJ who perfectly matches your style and personality.


Peace of Mind

We relentlessly qualify every DJ, and we put an equally talented professional on backup for your wedding—just in case.

Let us sweat the details so you can relax and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime day.

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