Avoid Wedding Day Disasters

Tips to prevent wedding day disasters. 

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Plan Ahead

Professional wedding day vendors often book far in advance. Allow yourself as much lead time as you can and secure the services of the professionals that will make the most impact to the success of your day first. As far in advance as you can, book your ceremony and reception venues, DJphotographer and videographer as they will host and preserve your wedding memories.



Communication regarding your wedding plans is vitally important. Not only should your wedding vendors share your vision, they also need to understand how to execute your plans.

When planning your wedding day it is a good idea to keep all people that are involved informed. These includes your bridal party, family and wedding vendors. It’s a good idea to share any master planning documents or timelines with all involved so they can help you look for potential issues.


Numbers Matter

Wedding planning is a game of numbers, wedding budget, guest lists, floral orders, and more. For each person you have attending or in the bridal party, there is a cost associated with them.

It is important to keep a keen eye on the budget. When you review costs in an isolated way, you lose track of the overall cost. By prioritizing your budget, you can be sure that the items you emphasize have the highest impact. Building a small cushion in your budget will allow you to be prepared for unexpected or hidden wedding costs.


Have a Backup Plan

It has been said that what can go wrong will. For your wedding day, it’s important to know what you will do if it does. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, do you have a backup plan if the weather is bad? Do your wedding vendors have a backup system in place? Knowing the answers to the questions in advance will avoid potential wedding day disasters.


Ask for Help

You want to enjoy your wedding day, but there may still be issues. Designate someone you trust, that isn’t part of the wedding party, to be your contact for the day. If a question does arise, this person can make decisions on your behalf, contact venues or vendors and determine what needs your personal attention.


Have a Wedding Day Folder

Even on your wedding day, you’ll need to carry a few items. Print multiple lists of vendor, venue and emergency contacts. It’s a good idea to share these in advance with your wedding team. This will allow your vendors to coordinate behind the scenes if needed. A copy of your timeline is great to have if you need to reference it as you go. You will also need to bring your marriage license!

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Pack an Emergency Kit

Stopping at the store on your wedding day is probably not part of your timeline. Packing an emergency kit of few snacks, beauty products and health needs is a sure way to be prepared should you need it.


Hire Reputable Vendors

There are numerous websites devoted to reviewing wedding vendors. Wedding professionals can provide referrals for other vendors for your wedding day as well. 

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The Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

At Mike Staff Productions, we trust that you’ll choose the perfect person to work with because you know what you want on your wedding day!  There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding photographer – we get that, that’s why we invite you to be a part of the process during your appointment.

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