Clinging Glasses at Your Wedding Reception

5 Alternatives to Clinging Glasses

newlyweds clinging glasses and kissing

5 Alternatives to Clinging Glasses

We’ve all done it before at wedding receptions and now that you’re getting married you get to experience the clinging glasses tradition! Sure, it can get on your nerves when all you want to do is enjoy the little time you have to actually eat the expensive dinner you’re paying for, but it’s almost a right of passage now that you’re newlyweds!

Is it a hard no on clinging glasses at your wedding? Keep in mind there are other ways guests can entice kisses from the couple. Each has its own charm and possible drawbacks. None of these work for everyone – but it’s fun so pick one that appeals to you or create your own.


Bells for wedding reception as name cards

1. Ring Bells

Place a hand-held bell on each dining table during the wedding reception. Choose a collection of bells that sound pleasing, as you’ll be listening to them repeatedly through the night (Instead of clinging glasses). While you can probably find brass bells at any discount store, those made of glass or silver add a touch of elegance. Tie a colorful ribbon to each.

Bride and Groom with champagne glasses

2. Sing Love Songs

Guests at each table stand up and sing love songs, as they have for years, to prompt the happy couple to kiss. This carries on a lovely tradition but guests are occasionally reluctant.

PRO TIP: Get your wedding DJ involved and pick songs out before hand to carry on this fun tradition.

Couple kissing for Clinging Glasses Alternatives

3. Kiss “this” Way

A guest approaches the head table with his or her significant other, and they demonstrate the way they want the newlyweds to kiss. Be prepared for some outrageous suggestions.

Bride and groom with toast glasses

4. Putt for a kiss.

Great for golf enthusiasts and wedding reception fun! Place a small putting green in front of the head table or on the dance floor. If a guest gets a hole-in-one, then the couple must kiss. But if you don’t love hitting the green, clinging glasses may be a better option.

Couple kissing at sweetheart table because of Clinging Glasses

5. Kiss to a song.

Have your maid of honor or best man pick a song, share it with your wedding DJ and every time your wedding DJ plays that song throughout the night – you guessed it – you have to kiss! It’s kind of like musical chairs, you never know when the DJ will hit play so be ready to smooch at any time!

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