Tips For Cutting Your Wedding Cake

Create the sweetest memories of cutting your wedding cake.

bride and groom cutting their wedding cake

How to cut the wedding cake?

Using her right hand, the bride will usually hold the handle of the knife and the groom will put his hand over hers. Begin cutting the bottom tier of the wedding cake using the pointed part of the knife and make two cuts. Making a vertical slice at the junction of those points will allow you to cleanly remove the small slice and place on a plate. From there, the bride and groom will then feed each other as a sweet start to their new life. Discuss in advance if you will feed the wedding cake to each other at the same time or alternate. It is your choice to use fingers or forks!

Newlyweds cutting their wedding cake

When to cut the wedding cake?

If you will be serving the wedding cake as dessert, cake cutting is usually performed after the grand entrance, before toasts begin. This will allow your serving staff to clear and cut the wedding cake during dinner service. If you will give the cake to guests as they leave, cake can be cut at any time of the evening. You will likely need to order cake boxes if this is your plan.

serving set to cut Wedding Cake

What do we need for the wedding cake cutting?

Many couples have the serving set engraved with their names. They can be used later for birthdays, anniversaries or your children’s weddings. Your serving set can become a family heirloom passed down to every generation.

Cake Cutting at Colony Club

Do we keep a tier?

Let your serving staff know if you plan on keeping or giving away any tier of the cake, otherwise, they may serve it to your guests. Don’t assume everyone knows. Traditionally, most couples keep one cake to celebrate their first anniversary and this means storing it in the freezer for one whole year. More recently, bakeries have begun to offer a replica cake tier on your one year anniversary.

If you will be storing the top tier, the following can help to preserve the flavor. Remove the decorations such as flowers and toppers from the cake and make sure the cake board is wrapped with a foil paper. Place the wedding cake in the freezer for about 20 minutes so as to make the icing hard. Once hardened, wrap the cake with an airtight plastic wrap. Wrap it with two or more layers of foil to prevent the frozen taste and store in a freezer storage container.

close up of couple's hands during cake cutting

Do we need a song for the cake cutting?

Yes! Your cake cutting is an exciting part of your reception, that will likely end up in your wedding video and album. You’ll want to choose a sweet song to narrate the moment – no pun intended. Check out our playlist, or talk with your wedding DJ to find the perfect song for your cake cutting.

bride and groom cutting their Wedding Cake

How do we ensure the moment is captured?

Share your plans for cake cutting with your photographer and videographer, so they can decide on the best camera angles for this special moment. Your wedding DJ can suggest the perfect song to accompany your cake cutting.

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