Stress Free Wedding Day

5 ways to have a stress free wedding day

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1. Don’t forget to eat (seriously)!

Being hang-ry is not a great way to achieve a stress free wedding! It sounds silly but it’s important to remember to eat. The day is busy, you’re nervous, you may run out of time! Even if you can’t sneak in a full meal, make sure you eat some quality snacks. Not eating can lead to jitters as your blood sugar level fluctuates.

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2. Stay hydrated. 

A hydrated bride is a happy bride and we’re not talking about champagne! Drink plenty of water on your wedding day – especially if you are getting married in the summer months. Many ceremony sites are not air conditioned and your dress is likely to have several layers of fabric – trapping the heat in. Add to that the fact that when you are excited or nervous your heart rate increases so you lose even more fluid. It’s best to leave alcohol consumption to party hours too!

3. Get on the dance floor!

Dancing is a proven stress reliever as it releases the feel good chemical endorphins. Instead of worrying about every last detail of the wedding reception, a sure fire way to have a stress free wedding is to get on the dance floor and enjoy it along with your guests. Plus if the bride is on the dance floor, your guests will follow. A packed dance floor will sure leave you happy!

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4. Mingle!

Your closest family and friends have traveled to share your wedding day with you. Enjoy visiting with them to thank them for their participation. Listening to how much they love you, and how great you look, is sure to fill your heart with joy!

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Stress Free Wedding Day: Remember what it's all about

5. Remember what the day is about.

In the end the most important thing to remember is this is the day you will marry your best friend, the love of your life. Everything else is just details.

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