Crafting Your Exit Strategy

Wrap up your wedding reception with a simple exit strategy.

Your Wedding Reception Exit Strategy

You’ve had a beautiful ceremony, your dance floor was packed, the food was yummy and you have amazing wedding photos you can’t wait to see, but eventually your wedding reception has to come to an end. Here are a few tips that will allow you to enjoy your party a little longer by leaving the end of the night activities to someone else, that way you do not need to worry about your wedding reception exit. Who knew you had to think about that? Too many couples make the mistake of forgetting to hand these tasks off to a trusting friend.

fireworks at wedding reception
Gifts and card table at wedding reception


This is a job that you can give to your most trusted friend. At the conclusion of the reception, someone should be tasked with collecting the boxes, bags and envelope holder. Decide in advance who this person will be and where they will place the items. Often the gifts are placed in the couples hotel room if at the same venue or given to the parents of the couple. This is particularly important to decide if you are departing in the morning for your honeymoon. For an exciting wedding reception exit, this will need to be thought of beforehand!

floral centerpieces at wedding reception


If you have rented any items for your decorations, you may need someone to not only collect them at the end of the evening, but also to return them to the vendor. Some companies will pickup the rental items, but there may be a fee for doing so.

Floral arrangements may be given to guests as they part, donated to a hospital or nursing home or disposed of by the venue. Be sure to check with the venue to see what items can be left on site at the conclusion of the evening.

Fees & Gratuities

Typically, most fees are paid prior to the wedding day, but it is possible you will have some due that evening. One of the best man’s duties is to handle any fees or gratuities for the couple (including the DJ!). Prepare and label envelopes in advance so he can handle those tasks for you. Do not keep the couple there any longer and let them continue with their wedding reception exit as planned!

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