5 Wedding Details All Guests Will Love

These Are Wedding Details Guests Care About the Most

Bottom line – there are wedding details your guests might not really notice (over the top invitations, for example) and some that will leave them raving about your wedding for years to come (like a rockin’ wedding DJ).  So, if you find yourself having trouble prioritizing certain details, consider focusing on these 5 aspects of a wedding that will leave your guests wishing the night would never end!
wedding guests eating dinner
wedding guests on dance floor

1. The Music and It’s Volume

Bad music pretty much equals a bad party. An experienced wedding DJ knows how to keep the dance floor packed by reading the crowd and playing music for all age groups. Your wedding is not a night club. 

On the same note, don’t force your non-dancing guests to yell over each other. A professional DJ will make sure the volume is at a proper level. Another option, a lounge area or lobby where some guests can escape to chat if they’d like.  It’s important have a wedding DJ that considers all these factors. Don’t know where to start? We can help.

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wedding dj keeping reception on time

2. Smooth Run of Show

A professional wedding DJ also plays a massive role in keeping your reception on time. That means coordinating with your venue, photographer and videographer and getting everyone on the same page. Some other time saving tips:

  • Keep reception toasts brief
  • Cut your first dance song to one verse and one chorus
  • Start cocktail hour immediately following your ceremony 

Learn about the other things wedding DJs do besides play music.

custom cocktails for wedding guests

3. Good Food, Free Drinks

This one’s simple: Don’t let your guests go hungry. Whether it is a cocktail hour beforehand or midnight snacks (or both) – a little extra food always is a good idea. Hungry guests sometimes equal cranky guests. So keep the food coming- especially if you are wanting the party to last a while. Your guests will need some fuel to make sure they can show off their killer dance moves.

Bottom line – you don’t need to have a open bar all night, but don’t force your guests to whip out their wallets for a cash bar. Enough said. 

wedding guest details seating chart

4. Thoughtful Seating

As you are creating a seating chart, do your best to put people near others that they hopefully know or at least will most likely get along with. This will go a long way. You want to avoid any potentially awkward moments during the dinner portion of the evening – which is the main part of your reception.  When in doubt, you can always trim your guest list

wedding guests on the dance floor with couple

5. Spending Time With You!

Your guests are going to want to see you, mingle with you, tell you how beautiful you look – so don’t trap yourself behind the head table all night – get out there and have fun! Your guests realize that you aren’t able to talk to everyone, but give it the ‘ol college try! If you’re relaxed, smiling and dancing, your guests will follow suit and never forget how much fun they had.

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