10 Tips For Working With Your Wedding Florist

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Thanks to our friends at Twigs & Branches Floral for sharing their 10 tips for working with your wedding florist.

1. Share all your photos and ideas

Pinterest is great for this, not even just for floral and decor, but your entire vibe for the whole day. This includes color scheme, floral, dresses, tuxedos or suits, hair and makeup, etc.

2. Be upfront with your decor budget.

We know sometimes you’re not sure exactly what things cost, but giving us an idea of what you’d like to spend will help us with the overall design and suggesting items within your budget.

3. Be open to suggestions from your event designer.

We love to create each event specifically to you and your style, so we try to get a feel for your overall vision with inspirational photos, without copying someone else’s event.

4. Create your own style!

Use Pinterest or create a mood board to gather multiple photos that reflect your color palette, personal style, and vibe for your event. This can include things that aren’t related to your event as well. Any hobbies or interests you may have can help us create a vision tailored specifically to you.

5. Be aware that substitutions may occur when it comes to floral.

Because things happen with Mother Nature, there can be instances where florals we originally discussed are not available due to natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control. That being said, we know just the right product to replace anything that may be unavailable, so trust that we will make sure to sub in something very similar!

6. When searching for inspiration, keep it mind that most photos you see are filtered and can change the color of the florals.

Some may look more vibrant and some may look more muted. We will do our best to get your flowers in your color scheme based on the vibe you’re going for, but they may not be exactly the same as what you see on Pinterest.

7. Always keep us informed on any changes, especially things that could be last minute.

The biggest change that typically occurs is guest count, which affects the amount of tables. We can definitely be flexible with these kinds of things and adding or reducing centerpieces if needed, but make sure to give us that final number so we can ensure we have exactly what we need for your event.

8. Along with table counts changing, that can also affect your floor plan.

If you have a floor plan from an event planner or the venue, forward that along to us once you get the final copy so we can do a double check and make sure the table counts line up with the centerpiece counts we have. This also helps if you have multiple styles of centerpieces! That way we can configure how to space each style out in the venue before we arrive for set up.

9. The more information you provide to us the better.

If there are any colors or florals you absolutely love, tell us. Anything you absolutely hate, tell us that too! Always be upfront and transparent with us so we can help create your dream wedding or event.

10. Last but not least, trust us!

We are professionals and work on event design every single day. It’s our passion to create something beautiful and make people’s dreams come true. We absolutely love what we do!

At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve built our whole business around reclaiming the fun in your wedding planning. Ready to start?


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