Long Distance Wedding Planning

by | July 5, 2012

When you’re planning your wedding from out of state, there are a few extra challenges to wedding planning. Whether you will have a destination wedding, or return home for your nuptials, here are some tips to help:


Ask For Help. Planning a wedding from a distance makes it necessary to ask for additional help. When asking for help, make sure that you are clear in what you need – someone to collect data, make objective recommendations, visit vendors, etc. You will place a great amount of trust in this person and their opinions so it is important to select someone with your best interest at heart. A parent or sibling in the area makes a great deal of sense.


Look For Vendors That Consider Your Convenience. While an in person meeting with wedding vendors is a great way to learn about a wedding vendor, this should not be the only option. Look for wedding vendors with informative websites, updated blogs and social media presence, teleconference options and extended office hours if there is a time difference to overcome. Anyone you work with for your wedding day, should make it convenient for you.


Establish Your Budget Early. Planning a budget for the wedding is one of the first tasks engaged couples need to complete. While the bride’s parents traditionally paid for the wedding costs, this is less common now. Most couples contribute to their wedding and both families assist if able. Have an honest conversation with both families to see what they are willing to contribute so that you’ll have a starting point to build from. Discuss what level of decision making they think their “gift” buys them. If you will travel to the wedding city for planning meetings, be sure to build in the cost of each of these trips, including travel, lodging and food expense. You’ll also need to include wedding day travel in your budget as well.


DIY For Budget And Connection. When your wedding is taking place in another city, it can be hard to feel connected to the process. Look for ways to get involved by DIY projects. Can you design your table number markers, assemble the invitations, or other tasks that allow you to be actively involved in your plan?


Choose Your Bridal Party Wisely. Your bridal party has important roles to fill on your wedding day. Make sure that they understand those roles before committing to be in your wedding. If you will ask them to help with tasks in your absence, be sure to communicate that with them in advance. You don’t want to rely on someone that doesn’t have the time to give.



Work With A Wedding Planner. A wedding planner can be a life saver for a busy or long distance bride. By working with preferred vendors, maximizing discounts, providing advice and handling tasks, a wedding planner can save you money and time. Click here to read more about working with wedding planners.

Use One Location. Using one location for both your ceremony and reception is not only budget friendly, but it reduces the number of choices and details you need to be concerned about. A single location requires one set up for decorations, less transportation needs, and may be more convenient for out of town guests. For more information on wedding ceremony locations, click here.


Combine Your Wedding And Honeymoon. To save some money, consider having your honeymoon in the same location as your wedding. This will reduce your travel costs in general.

Save The Date. If attending your wedding will require many of your guests to travel, sending save the date cards early allows your guests to plan accordingly. If you are concerned that travel constraints might prohibit guests from attending, be prepared with B list invitations to meet your minimum requirement numbers.

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