7 Reasons to Hire Mike Staff Productions for Wedding Videography


The #1 reason most bride’s don’t include wedding videography in their budget is because it can be very expensive. Our team is focused on delivering outstanding service at an unbelievable price. We founded our videography business with the goal of making high quality videography available to everyone. And, if you bundle videography with any of our other services such as DJ or Photography, you can save even more!

Bride Testimonials: Why You Need a Wedding Video


Jason Chevatewa, Director of Video Operations for Mike Staff Productions, has over 25 years experience shooting, directing, producing and editing live events, industrial, commercial, and of course wedding events. While he has filmed over a thousand wedding videos, he still takes the care to make each one unique. Jason and our other video professionals will work with you to create a lasting memory of your day, not follow a format.


Our videographers remain “behind the scenes” while capturing the essential footage required to make a more “natural” looking wedding video. Nothing is worse than having a camera right in your face when you’re trying to have a good time. With the help of technical advancements and our year’s of experience, we know how to shoot so you don’t feel uncomfortable having a romantic moment with each other or just having fun dancing. One of our greatest compliments is “we did not even know you were there!

We aren’t pushy or obnoxious! We realize this is not a video production, rather your wedding day. We work with you to create the video you’ll cherish, while remembering this is your time to be a couple and have fun. Our videographers are trained to be thoughtful and professional to make sure your event is treated like the special day it is. In fact, our clients would call us friends by the end of their wedding day!

WATCH: The Wedding of Rachel and Jon

“We absolutely knew we wanted a wedding video because it can capture all that cannot be expressed with words. We wanted to be able to watch our video and relive the joy and love of our wedding day. My sister had her video done by Mike Staff four years ago, and she watches it with her husband every year on their anniversary. I can’t wait to do the same with my husband! Mike Staff did an absolutely fantastic job capturing not just the events, but the emotions and magic of the day. Watching it makes me feel like I am right back there! Friends and family that weren’t able to come to the wedding saw the video and cried because of how beautifully it was done and how our love just poured out of it. I can’t even describe how many compliments we have gotten on our highlight video!” – Rachel



Most southeast Michigan wedding videographers take 6-9 months to complete your video. At Mike Staff, we guarantee that you will have your video within 12 weeks* after your reception! That’s why we employ a full- time wedding videography team of professionals. Mike Staff Production’s Videography service is raising the bar in Michigan and Chicago.

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We hate boring wedding videos as much as you do! We produce wedding videos that you’ll actually want to watch more than once. In fact, we’ve had newlyweds order as many as 10 extra copies because their families wanted to watch it again! We promise your video will be high quality, innovative, creative, fun to watch and emotionally charged.

WATCH: The Wedding of Erin and Dominic

“We knew there was going to be so much going on during our wedding day and we wanted to make sure we could have a chance to go back and experience it, through the video. It is so awesome to be able to go back and rewatch our special day and experience it all over again. Our family members gave some very memorable speeches and we wanted to make sure we could watch that again!” – Erin


Your wedding video will not be a “canned product”. Every wedding is different, so we want to make your video specifically for you. Before your wedding day we will have an extensive interview to go over all of the details of your wedding ceremony and reception, so we can capture what’s most important to YOU! We will ask you key questions that will help us customize your video.


Mike Staff Productions offers more value than anyone else in the business. What most other companies would charge extra for, we include in every single video. When your video is finished, your video is uploaded onto a flash drive and comes complete with multiple chapter selections! You’ll also receive a highlight video, beautifully edited and uploaded to the internet to be easily shared with family and friends.

Ready to bring your wedding to life? Mike Staff Productions is here to help with any of your wedding planning questions! Feel free to give us a call (877.689.0777) or drop us a line at [email protected].

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