The Wedding Kiss


0180_20130526_Emerson-Enhanced “It’s that kiss … that one you lose yourself in. You realize that you don’t want to kiss anyone else and that you are in love; the world around you disappears except for you and that person.” – Morgan Lafferty

This is never more true than the kiss you share on your wedding day. But how much of a kiss should you have? While it may not take as much planning as the seating arrangements, the wedding kiss is worth discussing in advance so one of you isn’t going for a peck and the other for the real deal.

Consider your own level of comfort with public affection. If this is not something you or your mate are used to, you can do a very small, brief kiss just to seal your ceremony. If you want to show the congregation how it’s done, be sure you’re both comfortable with doing so.

Think about your family traditions. Will seeing a big, wet wedding kiss make your grandmother faint? What is the typical wedding kiss like in the culture you both hail from? You don’t want your wedding kiss to be talked about for all the wrong reasons.

Is one of you a bigger kisser than the other? Some couples don’t see eye to eye about kissing at the wedding. She wants a big smooch; he thinks it is disrespectful, and so on. It is good to get a sense of which way things will go on the big day, before the big day.

Go For It. When everything is said and done, it is your wedding and you can kiss any way you choose. There is no right or wrong way to kiss on your wedding day. Like anything else in the ceremony, having a sense of how you would like to kiss and be kissed can relieve any “performance” pressure.

Other ways to show your excitement. Feeling a little shy about the first kiss, in front of your family, and the photographer and videographer? Here are some ways you can show excitement without showing too much.


Fist pump. The pressure of the ceremony is off and you’re ready to have a good time. Signal so, by showing a fist pump to the crowd.


One Sweet Kiss. No one can doubt the love and tenderness you share with a simple, sweet kiss.



Do A Dip. Add a little passion to the end of your ceremony with a quick dip to end your kiss.


High Five. Fun, yet sweet, show those gathered that you are on the same team and ready to celebrate it.


Get carried away. What better way to move on to the party than getting a little carried away at the end of your ceremony?

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