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What Do You Need For Wedding Day Transportation

Your Wedding Day Transportation

Transportation is more than just getting from point A to B – it’s the party in-between! Arranging the perfect wedding transportation can allow you and your new spouse to share a few moments of peaceful togetherness while rolling away from your ceremony in the highest of style. Or, give you both a chance to party down with all of your attendants in one vehicle on the way to your reception. Or, perhaps most importantly, allow you to ensure that your wedding party will be exactly where they are supposed to be, at exactly the right time. Secure your transportation ahead of time, and let go of one more thing that could cause a hassle on your big day.

Your Getaway

First things first: transportation for the two of you. Like every other aspect of your wedding, selecting your own getaway car should complement your style. Do you see yourself arriving in a horse-drawn carriage, or convertible red Mustang? Departing in a classy Rolls Royce, or rock-star stretch limo? Though the options are many, choose something that fits your budget as well as your personality.

Popular Options

Many brides choose the classic transportation options of limos and Party Buses. Depending on the size of your bridal party and how many people you want traveling with you; the number of passengers may decide which vehicle is best for you. Often, the vehicle drives the girls to the ceremony and the entire bridal party to the reception – with fun stops in between.

The Details

Be sure to compare prices and ask lots of questions about you vehicles. For example a luxury stretch limo and a corporate limo are very similar in exterior, but differ in price and extras such as DVD Players and mini bars. You may not have enough time on your wedding day to enjoy all the luxury extras.

bride and groom with classic car for wedding day transportation

Tips to Save You Money: Choosing Your Wedding Day Transportation

  • Be wary of any limo agency that’s pushing you to book more or larger cars than you had in mind. A good service will ask you what you think you need, then respectfully suggest any changes they feel necessary.
  • Ask about different kinds of cars. A luxury stretch limo and a corporate stretch limo might be similar- except for the price and a few incidentals (VCR and TV) you’re unlikely to be using on your wedding day.
  • If the ceremony will take place close to your home, ask if the driver will make several trips to shuttle bridesmaids and family, rather than renting a fleet of extra cars.
  • Depending on your wedding-day itinerary, it may be more economical to book a car for a full day, at a flat rate, rather than by the hour.
  • Most rental companies have one- or two- hour minimum. Avoid being charged waiting times by hiring one limo to go from home to the ceremony to the reception, and another to pick you up when the reception ends.

Questions to Ask

  • How many years have you been in the wedding day transportation business? Make sure you feel comfortable with their experience and industry credibility.
  • How many vehicles do you have available? This gives you an idea about how large their organization is.
  • What types, sizes, year of vehicles are available? Be sure that the vehicles you want are available when you need it.
  • How many drivers are available? Make sure they have enough drivers to provide just-in-case backup.
  • Can you provide back-up vehicles in case of an emergency? Have a plan and second choice vehicles in case the ones you chose aren’t available.
  • How do your drivers dress for weddings? Can you show me photos of your drivers? You should feel confident in their level of professionalism.
  • Do you have liability insurance? This gives the company credibility.
  • What is the minimum amount of time required to rent a vehicle? Be sure this fits your transportation needs and schedule.
  • What is the cost per hour? Two Hours? Three Hours? All day? It could be cheaper to rent a vehicle all day versus by the hour. Decide when and for how long you will need transportation.
  • What is the payment/cancellation policy? Make sure you know before you sign anything.
  • How much gratuity is expected? Gratuity should be accounted for in your budget. Plus, it is good to know what is expected.

bride and groom kissing in wedding day transportation

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