Wedding Life Hacks Ever Couple Needs (Part 1)

by | June 15, 2015

There is so much thought and careful planning that goes into your wedding day, a few helpful tricks and hacks along the way might be a welcomed sight.Here are a few things that might seem really simple, but very helpful in the moment.  After all, you have enough on your plate, the easier the planning process and wedding day can be, the better!

Get A Glue Stick & Personalized Stamp

When you are in the planning phase and knee-deep in invitations, you will be thankful for these two things: a glue stick and a personalized stamp with your new address. There are many options for the personalized address stamp, a simple search online should turn up some really interesting options. These are practical investments that will save you all kinds of time and money in the long run.

Pay With Credit Cards

Be responsible, but using credit cards can be a great way to get some “rewards” for your honeymoon (discounted air-fare, discounted hotel costs, etc.). If you do some research you should be able to find the card that best suites what you are hoping to do.

Get Your Bra Sewn Into Your Dress

Let’s be honest and get real; this will give you peace of mind and keep everything where it should be, so you have one less thing to think about. As you are trying on and getting your wedding dress altered just mention this idea to your seamstress and you can talk through this process, it should not be a huge deal.

Have Your Veil And Dress Weighted

Again, this should keep your veil and dress where they need to be. Even Princess Kate has her skirt hems weighted to avoid any embarrassing situations! It doesn’t change the appearance at all, but offers just a little more security than the lightweight material would usually offer, especially if you are doing the ceremony or taking pictures outside.

Have A “Go-To” Person

Rather than you, the bride, trying to field every question or figure out minor details, have a designated person for that. That will free you up to enjoy the day and that will empower your person, to make the decisions that need to be made. Just make sure you choose the right person and communicate your desires/expectations ahead of time.

Bring Flats (And Flip Flops For Your Guests)

If you want to REALLY enjoy your reception and get down on the dance floor, bringing a pair of flats is a great idea. Your feet will thank you! You don’t want to be limited in this day at all, so a little forethought will go a long way! If you want to take it a step further and provide some cute (and cheap) flip flops for your guests. You could place a basket of them in the women’s restroom or near the dance floor as the party gets underway.

Have An Emergency Kit

This may sound really obvious, but it you wont regret having a few extra things on-hand that can come in very handy. A few helpful items to include in your kit would be: deodorant, wet wipes, tweezers, bandages (in case of a minor cut or blister), hairspray, bobby pins, phone charger, a small bottle of water, list of vendors and their contact information, chap stick, double-sided tape, hand sanitizer and anything else you think you might need. You can make a kit yourself or buy one- there are many different options (a quick search online can give you an idea of what it available).

Have Guests Write Their Addresses on Postcards

This idea is often used at bridal showers and would be hugely helpful for thank you notes for wedding gifts. Rather than having to look up addresses, they would be all set and the postage would be less due to having them on a postcard. This could be a really beautiful and unique option for your thank you notes. You may want to have someone “stationed” near the postcards welcoming people and asking for their help with this.

Stay tuned to our blog for “part two” coming soon!

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