Wedding Life Hacks Ever Couple Needs (PART 2)

by | June 22, 2015

As you think and dream about your wedding, you may feel excited or overwhelmed or maybe somewhere in between! As you are in the midst of planning the biggest day of your life, here are some helpful hints and tricks that will help you along the way. You want to enjoy your day as much as possible- soaking in all of the special moments, from beginning to end.

Make a Checklist 

Stay organized and ahead of the game! Rather than getting overwhelmed or anxious- write it down. Make a list and prioritize the items with deadlines. Then start to tackle it, bit by bit. It seems like common sense, but things can be less daunting when we can actually see what needs to be done, and then you can ask for help as needed, too. This helps keeps everything working together, on time and on budget.

Create a Wedding Email or Website.

A personal website or event website allows you to stay organized and in communication with your guests and bridal party, in real time. This can be a central place for guests to RSVP, look up specific details of the wedding (location, lodging, registry information, theme, etc.) Plus, this is a really fun way to add your own personality and style to the wedding.

Off-Season Wedding

Having an off-season wedding offers some great benefits. Chances are, vendors and venues will be less busy during these dates/seasons and that allows you to get the most bang for the buck and personalized attention. You may get the venue you were hoping for, and even at a discount, depending on the time of year. Also, more guests may be able to attend your wedding if they don’t have a bunch of other weddings to attend during the same season.

Attend Bridal Shows

Bridal shows can offer loads of inspiration, ideas and plenty of free stuff. You will have a chance to meet with vendors and make some connections. Pay attention to how you feel after interacting with them and go with your gut! Enter some fun drawings and maybe you will win a free trip or something great for the wedding. This is also a great opportunity for bonding time with your bridal party or mother/mother in law or maid of honor.

Choose your Registry Carefully

Going through stores and clicking away with the little gun is a lot of fun, for sure, just make sure you are choosing wisely. You don’t want to end up with 3 stainless steel grills and not much else (or maybe you do). There are tons of sample lists online that you can check out, so when you walk in, you and your fiance are on the same page and have a plan. Make sure you get your bases covered — people want to take care of and celebrate you!

Scuff Shoes

This is common sense, and it may not seem like a big deal, until you forget to do it. Get some sand paper or wear those beautiful wedding shoes around a little big so they are not so slippery. You want your wedding to be memorable for the right reasons – not for sliding around or taking a fall.  #shoefail

Borrow Chairs

One clever way to save a little money could be borrowing chairs from a local business instead of renting them from a rental company, if you are responsible for providing them. Think about checking with a local community center, they would likely have them on hand and may be willing to help you out or at least give them to you at a deep discount. It may take a little more coordinating on your end, but the money saved could allow you some flexibility with any additional expenses.

Food Trucks at Reception

If you are looking for something fun, unique, delicious and maybe even a little cheaper than the typical catering options, think about hiring trucks to visit your reception. This could be a lot of fun, people mingling and trying new food- a great idea if you are looking to try something new and different.

Rent Bridesmaids Dresses

With technological advances comes more options, and bridesmaid’s dresses are no exception. There are several websites that now offer a huge selection of dresses to rent, so the bridesmaids can get beautiful, designer dresses for a reasonable price. Chances are your bridesmaids would like to spend a little less money and get to walk around and dance the night away in a designer dress.

Instagram: Real-Time Photo Album

If you harness the popularity of social media and give clear direction, you will get a truly candid, fun, multi-perspective, real-time album of that evening. There are also online stores where you can make a photo album printed from your unique wedding hashtag. In no way should Instagram replace your photographer, but it can be a really fun addition. You could talk to about a dozen people before hand and ask them to do their best to get some fun shots throughout the wedding and reception, if this is something you want to do.

Flea Market Finds

Local flea markets, thrift shops or antique stores can be a goldmine for finding really cute, unique, quirky decor that can used at the reception (general decorations, table centerpieces, personal touches in the bathroom or entryway) and then it can be reused after the reception in your home or as gifts to your family/ friends/ bridal party.

*This is part 2, you can find part 1 here

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