The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist


Be Prepared! 40 “must-haves” you should pack in your wedding day “emergency kit”.

There is no doubt your wedding day will go smoothly, but it is better to be prepared for any little mishap that might occur. Your wedding day emergency kit might just end up saving you a lot of time and stress. So, pack up this list of goodies in a cute zip-up bag and you will feel like the next Mary Poppins! Let’s check out our list of must-haves:


  1. Mini sewing kit with needle, thread and scissors, extra buttons from wedding dress and men’s shirts, and an extra hook and eye: You never know what might accidentally pop off a dress or a shirt while you’re in the middle of pictures.

  2. Stain remover pen: If there is anything you absolutely NEED, this is it! This little rock star will save your beautiful white gown from any spills!

  3. Lint roller: Super helpful for the groom and groomsmen’s suits.

  4. Dryer sheet: A little rub in between fabric layers on a staticy dress and the static cling will disappear. Make sure it’s unscented (unless you want to smell lavender fresh!).

  5. Fashion tape: Fashion tape is double sided magic for any dress and helps avoid any Janet Jackson moments.

  6. White chalk: This actually works for those stains that WON’T come out with the stain remover pen. This will mask the stain temporarily and your guests won’t even notice!

  7. Black socks: Black is a neutral color and having an extra pair for any groomsmen mishaps might just prove to be useful.

  8. Extra boutonniere pins: There is a lot of hugging and moving going on at a wedding, a boutonniere may slip off during pictures or whatnot, so throw in an extra, just-in-case.

  9. Safety pins: Think about how often you use a safety pin in your everyday life, then multiply that by 10 for your wedding. These bad boys come in handy for a variety of situations!

  10. Extra cuff links: These can easily slip off and get lost, so having an extra pair could be helpful, and it’s not like they won’t be used in the future if you have an extra pair.

  11. Shoe polish: If you forget this one, it isn’t that big of a deal, but if you remember, it could come in handy.


  1. Tweezers: From a wild hair to a stinging sliver, this useful tool is a must-have!

  2. Q-tips and make-up remover: You WILL cry. If you don’t, then someone else will and you may just need to remove and reapply. Either way, it is useful to have for the end of the night!

  3. Nail file: Every woman hates breaking a nail. Hopefully it doesn’t happen on your wedding day, but just-in-case it does, have a file at the ready!

  4. Clear nail polish: If you do break your nail, throw on some top coat after you file to get that shine back!

  5. Breath mints: As newlyweds, you are going to be kissing a lot!

  6. Dental floss: Obvious must-have for after dinner.

  7. Hair ties and bobby pins: Even if you don’t need one, someone will.

  8. Mini hairspray: Keep that lovely updo looking fabulous all day. Bonus: you can use it to help with static cling!

  9. Chapstick/Lipstick: Keep those lips nice and moisturized for all those kisses you and your new husband will share!

  10. Brush: Useful for everyone in the wedding party, if you take pictures outdoors, the breeze could really take your hair for a spin.

  11. Mirror: For touching up make-up or checking your teeth, a mirror is always helpful to have on hand and you can keep it in your purse after the wedding!

  12. Make-up: Kisses, dinner, crying, hugging. There are plenty of times that your make-up may come off and you will need some for reapplication. Be sure to pack translucent powder to keep shine away.

  13. Lotion: Helping out with dry patches and smelling nice!

Hygiene and Body:

  1. Toothbrush and toothpaste: After talking to your guests for a few hours, you might get a little cotton mouth, so freshening up with a toothbrush over a mint might be nice.

  2. Tissues: These are multipurpose; tears, make-up remover, runny noses, sweat dabber, etc.

  3. Mini first aid kit: Accidents happen, and you will want to be prepared with a band aid if need be.

  4. Medication: Keep a day’s worth of any medication you take every day along with some aspirin for any sudden headaches.

  5. Contact lens/Case/Solution/Glasses: Anyone that wears contacts should know to keep an extra set and glasses on their person at all times. You never know when one might decide to jump out.

  6. Sunscreen: This is helpful if you are taking pictures outside in the hot sun.

  7. Deodorant: Well….you know, just-in-case, there are a lot of nerves on your wedding day!

  8. Handkerchief/Blotting pads: This is a nice little something for catching tears and dabbing sweat if it is a hot day.

Little Extras

  1. Drinking straw: If you plan on wearing lipstick, take a straw to drink with, it will help keep your lipstick fresh for pictures!

  2. Super glue: You just never know when this might come in handy.

  3. Phone charger: For emergencies.

  4. Extra earring backs: Those darn things always come off, so make sure to pack a spare, just in case.

  5. Duct Tape: Self explanatory.

  6. Bottle of water: SUPER important to stay hydrated, especially those getting married in the hot summer months.

  7. Lighter: For helping seal the edges of frayed ribbon.

  8. Important phone numbers: Have the office and cell numbers for all of your vendors handy – just in case.


After taking a look at this list, you may decide what you REALLY must put in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit and what you can cut off and leave out of your Mary Poppins bag. We hope this list gets to you and you find a least a few items from it helpful on your wedding day.

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