Questions to Ask Wedding Vendors

by | September 30, 2016

Being engaged is an exciting time, but it can also be a bit overwhelming.  You need a dress, a venue, a wedding DJ — oh my! Suddenly you find yourself planning the biggest event of your life and might not know where to begin.  You know you need to ask some questions, but where should you start?  We’ve gathered some important questions to help you get started.

You will notice that some of the same questions keep coming up, this is normal! You want to be able to get a sense of the vendor (who they are and the work they have done) before you work together. There are no bad questions! It’s important you feel comfortable with your vendor and that they are the best fit for your wedding.

When you interview potential vendors here are a few tips:

  • Pay attention to how you feel during and after the interview.
  • Were they respectful? Did you feel heard & understood?
  • Can you picture working with them and having a great experience?
  • Were they professional and do they have experience?

The Venue

  • Is there a rental fee?  If yes, what is included?
  • When can you start setting up for the event?  What time do you need guests and vendors off the premise?
  • Can you use your own caterer or supply your own alcohol? (if desired)
  • What is the parking lot capacity?
  • Are there nearby accommodations for overnight guests?
  • What are the plans if the weather is bad?
  • Is there a cake-cutting fee?

Wedding Planner

  • What made you want to be a wedding planner?
  • What is the scope of services included in your fee? What isn’t included?
  • How long have you been in the business?
  • How many full-scale weddings have you planned? When was your last one?
  • Is this your full-time job?
  • Will you work with me directly or will it be an associate?


  • Is the wedding date available?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • How many weddings do you do per year?
  • What are some options for my budget?
  • What is included in your fee? Are there any additional fees?
  • Are there any additional upgrades (chocolate fountains, late night snack, champagne toasts etc.)?
  • Do you have a clean up policy? If so, what is it?
  • What types of linens are provided? Are upgrades available?
  • What is the payment policy? When is the deposit needed?
  • Is there a cancellation or refund policy?


  • Do you have the wedding date available?
  • How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you done?
  • Approximately how many weddings do you do per year?
  • How many other events will you schedule on our wedding date?
  • What is your design style?
  • Have you ever done a wedding at my venue site?
  • Can you work with in my budget?
  • Do you have any recommendations to maximize my budget?
  • Can you show me some samples (pictures) of your work and what I could get for my budget?
  • Could I show you some pictures of what I love?
  • What types of flowers are in season when I get married?
  • Will you work with my cake designer if I want flowers on my cake?
  • Are there any extra fees? (Delivery charges, set up/ tear down, etc.)


  • Do you have our wedding date available?
  • Who covers you in an emergency?
  • Do you carry back-up equipment?
  • How many weddings per year do you do?
  • Have you done an event at the reception site before?
  • Do you act as a master of ceremonies?
  • What is the timeline for the deposit, booking, and contract?
  • Can you do uplighting?
  • How do you handle requests?


  • What is the videographer’s style — cinematic, documentary, or a mix of both?
  • How long has your company been in business?
  • How will your videographer coordinate with a wedding photographer? Has the videographer worked with your photographer before?
  • Has your videographer shot a wedding at your ceremony or reception site?
  • Will your video be shot in HD?  Do you offer DSLR?
  • Is there a back-up plan?


  • How can I view your portfolio?
  • What is your style?
  • Will I receive the files to my images?
  • What happens in case of an emergency?
  • How soon can I see my images?
  • How does the album design process work?
  • Are we allowed to submit our own shot list?

As a general rule, always check online reviews and testimonials for a true picture of what you can expect from your vendor!  You can check out the Mike Staff Production Reviews here.

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