Wedding Flowers On A Budget: 6 Money Saving Tips

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Wedding Flowers On A Budget (That You’ll Still Love)

Your wedding flowers are a big part of your wedding day decorations. They help add to your theme, create a magical vibe at your wedding reception and even help tie in the colors of your bridesmaid dresses.

But decoration expenses can easily be overlooked while engaged couples are busy working on larger wedding plans; booking a venue, securing a professional wedding photographer and designing invitations. Want to save on wedding flowers on a budget without sacrificing your vision? It’s totally possible. All flowers are not created equal. 

The average wedding flower budget can easily exceed $3,500! Here are some tips to help you get the look you want without breaking the bank.

6 Money Saving Tips

1. Create a Realistic Flower Budget

The first step to sticking to a wedding flower budget is, of course, setting the budget early on so it doesn’t go forgotten before it’s too late. A good rule of thumb is to dedicate 15% of your wedding budget to flowers and decorations (you can adjust that up or down, of course, depending on your personal vision.)

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2. Use In-Season Flowers

There are specific times of the year when certain flowers are in season. Determine what flowers are in season and try to stick with that. Ask the florist you’re working with to provide you with an up-to-date list of the seasonal flowers in stock at the time of your wedding. If a flower you love is simply out of your price range, ask your florist to suggest alternative blooms that have a similar shape or shade. A little flexibility can help you stretch your flower budget without sacrificing the beauty of your bouquet.

You can also consider using flowers that are available all year, no matter the season. Some of those year-round flowers include:

  • Roses
  • Garden roses
  • Carnations
  • Hydrangeas
  • Orchids

Statement blooms like garden roses or hydrangeas take up a larger volume of space in arrangements, which means you don’t need that many to create an impression since these flowers tend to be a little more costly. Also, if possible, try to avoid purchasing flowers around major holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Those are very busy times in the floral industry so you can expect to pay more for your flowers.

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3. Incorporate More Greenery

Mix your favorite expensive flowers with filler greens. Bonus; greenery is still very popular and on trend. Consider greenery like:

  • Silver dollar eucalyptus
  • Parvifolia
  • Leather leaf greenery

Greenery is a great way to enhance flowers in your bouquet and make it appear fuller. While a lower price point is an obvious reason to add greenery to floral design, longevity of the greenery is another benefit. You don’t have to worry about the greenery wilting in the heat or the cold during your winter wedding

4. Big Arrangement, Big Impact. 

If your heart is set on dramatic, tall, expensive centerpieces, save money by varying the height of the centerpieces from table to table. You will still provide the beauty, as well as some added visual texture from the various heights. Trying to stretch your budget and spread the flowers into many small arrangements can lessen the impact and effect of the flowers.

wedding flowers on a budget reception centerpiece with tall gold base and large floral arrangement

5. Combine Flowers with Other Decor Elements

Another great way to save money is to combine your wedding flowers with other decor items like candles! Candles or other decor pieces can help fill the table without having to use a ton of flowers. Plus, candles set the mood and ambiance. You can also bargain hunt for vases. Joining local, online bride groups is a great way to find lightly used decor past brides are looking to sell.

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6. Buy In Bulk

Consider sticking to one or two varieties of flowers so buying in bulk can be an option, reducing waste. If you want several different types of flowers, you or your florist will often still have to buy in bulk, meaning there will be lots of extras. You can use these extras in other areas, but that also requires more work. Each flower has to be prepped, cared for properly, and then arranged as needed. Buying in bulk can save you some money and create big impact with cohesive design.

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