How to Make Your Wedding Day Last Forever


Why You Want a Wedding Video: 4 Real Reasons

What Will You Remember About Your Wedding Day?

  • The look on your fiancé when he first saw you at the end of the aisle?
  • Every word of your Maid of Honor’s memory filled speech?
  • Uncle Mark tearing it up on the dance floor?

That’s where a professional wedding videographer comes in! Quality Videography (eh hem, we got you covered) will capture the emotion of your wedding, creating a living memory of your wedding day that your kids and grandkids will enjoy. You can’t be everywhere, yet you don’t want to miss a thing on your wedding day. Here are 4 elements of your wedding you most definitely want to experience over and over again.  

1. Your Vows

Ask Yourself: What did your husband’s voice sound like when he recited his handwritten vows?

While technically you won’t miss your vows (since you’ll be the one reciting them haha) the moment is typically a blur, therefore remembering the words and emotions exactly how it happened is slim to none. Your vows are the words that narrate the beginning of your love story. While pictures of your ceremony are crucial, they just can’t capture the emotion in your voice as you pledge your vows of commitment to one another. This is something you’ll want to relive.

2. Your Family & Friends

Ask Yourself: What were your friends doing on the dance floor when you were saying goodbye to your guests?

You are creating a living family record. Years later, you will be able to look back at those loved ones who are no longer with you but were there when you got married! You’ll be able to hear their voices again, see them laugh again, watch them alive and happy. This is truly priceless.

You might not see your parents dancing cheek-to-cheek while you’re mingling with guests. But a videographer can capture these moments on film, and allow you to watch them as if you saw them as they happened. With wedding videography you get a family heirloom that will be enjoyed and cherished for generations.

DID YOU KNOW: 93% of couples who don’t get a professional wedding video regret it!

3. Your First Look

Ask Yourself: What did your husband say when he saw you for the first time? Throughout the entire wedding day there are few moments that are more touching and emotional than the first time the bride and groom see each other.

You’ve seen the photos where the bride is sneaks up behind the groom, while he’s chomping at the bit to see what his soon-to-be wife looks like! (Let’s face it, all brides spend hours getting ready!) But experiencing that moment through video is an instant tearjerker.

4. Your Party

Ask Yourself: What was your cocktail hour like?

You spent so much time planning the perfect decorations for your reception. Carefully selecting the perfect centerpieces, place settings, card table, sign-in area, etc. Think about it, will you get the chance to see it before the guests entered the room? Make sure when the wedding is done and over that you’re not wishing you could have seen how it looked without our family and friends, and their reactions as they entered and got settled. Just hire a videographer!!

WATCH: The Wedding of Sahar & Omar

A Wedding Videographers Point of View

We want to introduce you to Rocky. Noooo, not THAT Rocky. But when it comes to wedding videography, Rocky crushes it. He has veteran status at Mike Staff Productions, creating living memories for hundreds of happy couples. One thing is for sure Rocky has an eye for detail.

If you’re still not convinced you *need* a wedding video – let Rocky give you his perspective. Videography is his craft and his passion. Characteristics you feel in each one of his final products.

How do you prepare for your weddings?

Rocky: My Tuesday phone call with the bride is everything for me as a videographer because I get to spend a lot time asking her questions about what she wants. That’s how their video, or you could say how their story, starts to take shape.

  • Does she want cameras rolling while she’s getting ready at her parent’s house? If so, I’ll include beautiful shots of where she grew up to start their story.
  • Will the couple’s dog be included in the ceremony? Because I’ll be following that pup down aisle.
  • Do they have surprises planned for the guests? I’ll want to be able to capture as many reactions as possible.

I take pride in learning as much about the couple and their wedding day vision as possible so I can tell their love story properly.

When the wedding is over, how does seeing the movement of video compare to looking at a photograph of the same thing?

Rocky: While wedding photographs are incredibly important wedding day keepsakes, when you look at a picture, that picture doesn’t talk to you. For example, seeing a photo of a member of your family who may have passed away after your wedding is very special but hearing their words, feeling their emotions and relieving their movements is extra special.

It’s an aspect of videography I think about all the time. This couple will be able to hear their parents and grandparents voice long after the wedding day.

I am also always looking for movement, a scene if you will because again, these videos are stories, really movies of someone’s wedding day.

In your opinion, what is the most intimate part of a wedding day that translates to video beautifully?

Rocky: Definitely, the ‘first look’. When I talk to brides I work with, I suggest incorporating it into their day. It’s private, it’s raw and it’s a moment the couple has alone together and it’s one of those moments that is made for video.

How do you start to create a couples ‘story’?

Rocky: It’s all about capturing the details of their day and elements of their surroundings. If a couple is getting married in the fall, I am going to make sure I get a sequence of shots of the different colored leaves. If there’s an outdoor ceremony, I am going to capture the light breeze blowing through their flowers. When the bride’s dress is hanging in the window, I am going to film the sun shining through it. It’s all about setting the mood.

I also love when couples select their music for the video, it’s everything. You learn so much about them and that is the cherry on top of bringing their story to life.

When you get a wedding video, you’re immersing yourself back into the day with every touch feel and movement. It’s beyond special.

Why We’re the Best:


Jason Chevatewa, Director of Video Operations for Mike Staff Productions, has over 25 years experience shooting, directing, producing and editing live events, industrial, commercial, and of course wedding events. While he has filmed over a thousand wedding videos, he still takes the care to make each one unique. Jason and our other video professionals will work with you to create a lasting memory of your day, not follow a format.


Most southeast Michigan wedding videographers take 6-9 months to complete your video. At Mike Staff, we guarantee that you will have your video within 12 weeks* after your reception! That’s why we employ a full- time wedding videography team of professionals. When your video is finished, your DVD comes complete with multiple chapter selections and Keepsake “Family Heirloom” Packaging as beautiful as the video itself. You’ll also receive a highlight video, beautifully edited to the music of your choice and uploaded to the internet to be easily shared with family and friends.


Our videographers remain “behind the scenes” while capturing the essential footage required to make a more “natural” looking wedding video. Nothing is worse than having a camera right in your face when you’re trying to have a good time. With the help of technical advancements and our year’s of experience, we know how to shoot so you don’t feel uncomfortable having a romantic moment with each other or just having fun dancing. One of our greatest compliments is “we did not even know you were there!”

At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve built our whole business around reclaiming the fun in your wedding planning. Ready to start?



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