The Most Important Wedding Photography Question You’re Not Asking


Do you know the #1 complaint couples have when it comes to wedding photography?

  • Bad images? Nope.
  • The photographer wasn’t easy to get along with? Uh-uh.  
  • It was too expensive?  Sure, this is a common complaint but not the #1 complaint.  

A couple’s biggest disappointment and frustration with their wedding photography usually isn’t even “on the radar” until it’s too late. Ready for it? The #1 complaint couples have with their wedding photographer is HOW LONG is takes to get their wedding photos back after the wedding.  

The dirty little secret is that it’s not uncommon for couples to have to wait 6, 8, even 10 months before getting their final images, flash drive and/or album back. 10 MONTHS! That’s nearly a YEAR after your wedding. 

How to Avoid This

To avoid the enormous frustration, disappointment – not to mention endless phone calls, emails and texts begging to see your wedding pictures – here’s what you do:  

  • Ask your photographer to give you a specific deadline for getting your images back. Then, ask them to GUARANTEE it in writing (prepare yourself for a blank stare back when you ask this).  
  • Not having guaranteed deadlines in your contract is a wedding photography trap!
  • They’ve got you. They’ve got your money. They’ve got all the time in the world to edit because they didn’t have to promise you when you’d get your photos back.

WARNING: Horror Story Ahead!

Here’s a (common) real life scenario that was recently shared with us. A bride hired her future husband’s cousin to be the photographer at their September wedding. She was the absolute sweetest person, they loved her work and she gave the couple a great deal – Duh! They are family!  However once the wedding was over, that sweet, reasonably priced photographer kept missing her deadlines.

  • December 1st rolled around… nothing.
  • No images to share by Christmas, either.  BUMMER.
  • January 6th, the photographer told the bride she would have photos by the end of the month.
  • February 10th, still NO pictures.
  • 6 months after their wedding and they have not seen one single picture. Can you imagine?

If only she would have asked for a guaranteed deadline up front, she could have avoided massive disappointment and aggravation. By the way, this same bride had a friend who was married on October 14. They used Mike Staff Productions and her pictures were all over Facebook before Halloween!  

The Mike Staff Productions Guarantee

You’ll have images to share on Instagram and Facebook within 2 weeks of your wedding.  On your one month anniversary your entire gallery will be ready to view with every single photo professionally color corrected, ready to post and share. If your package includes an album, with your prompt feedback during the design process we can send it to print within 6 weeks!  That’s unheard of in the wedding industry.  We don’t really like to toot our own horn, but that’s pretty awesome!   In fact, we are the only wedding photographers in metro Detroit who will happily guarantee these deadlines … in writing!

Same Promises Apply to Videography

By the way… when it comes to Wedding Videography in Detroit, couples have the same ‘waiting game’ problem. In fact, call around and you’ll find the average turnaround time for wedding videographers in Detroit and Chicago to get the finished video to their clients is 8 months!  Are you kidding?  If that seems absurd to you, we agree …. It is!

With your involvement in music selection and final approval, Mike Staff Productions guarantees you’ll be shedding tears of joy as you watch your wedding video no more than 12 weeks after your wedding. That promise is priceless!

So, be sure to ask every wedding photographer and videographer you are considering “how long will it take to get it back” … and then ask that they guarantee it in writing.  If they’re not willing to guarantee it then it’s not much of a promise, is it?

At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve built our whole business around reclaiming the fun in your wedding planning. Ready to start?


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