Cocktail Hour Music Guests Will Love


Cocktail Hour Music

Who doesn’t love cocktail hour at a wedding? Drinks are poured, tasty appetizers are passed and guests mix and mingle before a memorable evening ahead! Consider it the pre-party to your reception and you know that what means — good cocktail hour music is a must!

Cocktail Hours Music

This is a great time to show off your personality as a couple because there is no right or wrong cocktail hour soundtrack. In other words, don’t feel like you have to play Jazz or slower songs that could bring the vibe down. Why not play your favorite Hip Hop hits, just instrumental versions of them? MIND BLOWN! How about turning things up a notch with swing music? Could you imagine a cocktail hour featuring movie and & TV show themes? How unique is that? The only ‘rule’ we suggest: Keep the music volume mellow enough so conversations keep flowing!

When it comes to music, our professional wedding DJs at Mike Staff Productions like to keep things interesting and FUN and cocktail hour is great time to push the musical limits. If you need help determining best cocktail hour music for your big day look no further than our Spotify Playlists:

Hits With A Twist

Love modern music but still want your wedding day cocktail hour to have a classic feel? These are all of your favorite radio jams, but we promise you’ve never heard them this way! Consider these tunes ‘hits with a twist’!

Upbeat Classics

Who says cocktail hour music has to be boring? I am willing to bet your guests will know nearly every song on this playlist! These tracks will get everyone singing, raising their glass and getting pumped for your reception.

Downtempo EDM

You’re probably thinking HUH? EDM for cocktail hour music? Not all electronic music is created equal! This style of EDM won’t turn your cocktail hour into a night club but create a chill, lounge, ambient feel for your guests. Give it a listen!

Jazz / Swing

How can you go wrong with the voices of Herbie Hancock, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gilespie and Tommy Dorsey serenading your guests during cocktail hour? From classic Jazz to swing tunes – The Mike Staff Productions DJs created this playlist to keep everyone on their feet!

Hip Hop Instrumentals

If you live & breath for hip hop music – how cool would it be to have nothing but the smooth beats as the soundtrack to your cocktail hour? Talk about unique! Hip Hop Instrumental has been a huge hit with Mike Staff Productions DJs.

At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve built our whole business around reclaiming the fun in your wedding planning. Ready to start?


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