Director of Photography Named New President of Detroit Professional Photographers Association

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Director of Photography Named New President of DPPA

All of us here at Mike Staff Productions want to send a GIANT message of congratulations to our friend, coworker and Director of Photography, Chris Ziemann for becoming the President of the Detroit Professional Photographers Association for the 2018-2019 season.

Detroit Professional Photographers Association

The announcement was made Tuesday evening at the annual awards banquet. Ziemann has been on the board for 3 years before becoming President. The board for DPPA actually meets monthly at Mike Staff Productions headquarters in Troy.

So, as a bride or groom, why do you care? Well, Chris is one remarkable wedding photographer! If you’re one of his past clients, you know that’s the truth. He has a vision, passion and skill that we are honored he brings to Mike Staff Productions. The organization is all about teaching and helping photographers grown in their craft and that’s the path Chris is on. Clearly, since he’s the President, he must know what he’s doing! Congrats!

Detroit Professional Photographers Association

More about DPPA

The DPPA (Detroit Professional Photographers Association) is one of the largest and oldest professional photographic associations in Michigan. We offer the aspiring, the accomplished, and the seasoned professional the opportunity to expand their business and photographic knowledge as well as hone their photographic skills and techniques to help them grow and succeed.

Detroit Professional Photographers Association

The DPPA accomplishes this with monthly meetings featuring cutting edge speakers from all around the country, a challenging set of photographic competitions, and a professional vendor presence offering information and assistance on all the latest and greatest equipment improvements and products, and services demanded by consumers today.

All of this education and opportunity is encased in a friendly open sharing environment where members make lifelong friendships and mutual beneficial affiliations and collaborations. This is not the DPPA of old. We are a progressive expanding welcoming group of professionals of many levels that have joined and meet to accomplish together what is almost impossible as an individual today.

At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve built our whole business around reclaiming the fun in your wedding planning. Ready to start?

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Getting Married in Metro Detroit?

Check to see if we have a photographer, videographer, and DJ available for your wedding!