8 Ways to Keep Your Dance Floor Packed!


No one wants an empty dance floor at their reception, I mean, we built an entire business around that simple fact. After being a a part of 25,000 weddings, over the last 20 years – you could say our wedding DJs have picked up a few tricks along the way to get the party started right and keep it going strong! 

1. Start the party early

Cocktail hour doesn’t half to equal = ‘boring hour’. This is the kick off to your party, set the mood early, from the moment your guests enter your reception! In fact, take as much time thinking about your cocktail hour music soundtrack as you do for the main reception. Your DJ (especially a Mike Staff Productions DJ) will work with you one on one to build the perfect playlist. In fact, our DJs built 5 Spotify playlists for you to scroll through for inspiration.

Cocktail hour is a great time to show off your personality as a couple because there is no right or wrong songs to play. In other words, don’t feel like you have to play Jazz or slower songs that could bring the vibe down. Why not play your favorite Hip Hop hits, just instrumental versions of them? MIND BLOWN! How about turning things up a notch with swing music? Could you imagine a cocktail hour featuring movie and & TV show themes? How unique is that? The only ‘rule’ we suggest: Keep the music volume mellow enough so conversations keep flowing!

2. Don’t press ‘play’ & walk away

You may think you have the greatest wedding playlist in mind, but there’s a reason why DJs are meant to be at weddings—they’re pros at reading and interacting with the crowd, and adjusting to their mood throughout the evening. An iPod simply cannot do that. They’re there to ensure everyone is dancing and having an amazing time (so you don’t have to worry). Besides, do you really want a friend or family member (who may have had a few too many drinks) in control of microphone all night, making announcements? Didn’t think so. Do your homework, you’ll find DJ in your price range (cough, cough) who fits your style. Trust us—it’s worth the money knowing your guests will be entertained all evening.


That brings us to our next tip…

Coordinators, MC’s, trusted advisors. Great wedding DJs wear many hats. Providing the right music at the right time is just the beginning. You want someone who cares enough to get all the names of your bridal party correct, don’t you? Your DJ’s highly visible position makes he or she, by default, the evening’s “go to” person. That’s why it’s important to choose an experienced DJ who is poised and professional, one who can think on his feet and is trained to handle each issue promptly, as it arises.

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Each party has its own personality. Some guests may pack the dance floor right away; others may need a little more time to warm up. An experienced wedding DJ has played to every type of audience and knows what works. Give your DJ time to work their music magic, and you are sure to be enchanted by the results.

  • BONUS TIP: Mike Staff Productions has 84 point DJ Certification Process and only .1% (that’s 1/10th of a 1%) that we interview are invited onto our team.


People like to hear familiar music and dance to their favorite songs. The more your DJ honors song requests, the more likely your dance floor will be filled. Ask him to leave plenty of room in his music schedule for their requests. Include most of your requests on a ‘try to play’ list. It’s thrilling to hear lots of your favorite songs at your party, but playing too many takes time away from familiar and requested songs that others are anticipating. Your DJ can sense the crowd’s mood and decide when a song on your ‘try to play’ list will match the feeling. Generously share your music time with your guests, and watch them respond in kind on your dance floor.


You may have a lengthy list of songs you don’t want to hear, but those may be the tunes people are waiting to dance to. Allow your DJ to play the songs that will bring people to their feet, and you and your guests will enjoy a livelier party. Weddings are all about variety and accommodating and inspiring ALL of your guests to get up and dance! In other words, don’t micromanage! 

6. be smart with your Seating Chart

‘HUH’? ‘WHAT’? ‘I CAN’T HEAR YOU’! Examples of things you don’t want your wedding guests saying (or hollering) during your wedding reception. The number one complaint amateur DJs receive is about volume control or lack thereof! A professional wedding DJ always makes sure the music volume is at a comfortable level to allow dancing and talking!

  • BONUS TIP: Try not to seat grandparents or Great Aunt Betty at a dinner table right next to the dance floor. Regardless of the volume, they more than likely won’t be comfortable too close to bumping speakers all evening. 

Seat friends and family who love to dance closest to the dance floor. They’ll be more likely to get up and start moving early if they have easy access. And once they’re out there, others will follow (some people just need a little encouragement). 

7. is the bar close by?  

Early on when you’re selecting a venue, keep this in mind, make sure your bar ISN’T in a separate room from the main dining area! It’s an easy thing not to think about in the early stages of planning but make a big difference the day of. Lets face it, after dinner, it’s time to party – people are going to be in line at the bar! BUT guests leaving the room for drinks can’t hear the music and won’t be able to dance if their requested songs are played. Making sure the bar is in the room keeps guests within listening range and able to respond to their favorite songs on the dance floor.


I know this may sound cliche but get on the dance floor and DANCE! If the bride and groom are on the floor, the guests will follow. Then more friends will flock to their friends already dancing and next thing you know the floor is filled. As for your DJ, make sure he or she is having fun themselves. If the DJ is having fun playing the music, the guests will see that. It’s infectious. Bottom line: Your friends and family want to see you have a fantastic time and will take their cues from you. 

Choose Your Own DJ with Mike Staff Productions

Forget meeting at a coffee house. Mike Staff Productions has offices in metro Detroit and Chicago that allows you to get to know our awesome Wedding DJs by watching their video profiles until you find your perfect fit. That’s right, YOU choose! (Now that’s professional!)

How it Works:

  • Visit our office, grab a coffee and lounge on our comfy couches (that’s easy!)
  • Watch video profiles of our award winning wedding DJs in action
  • Get familiar with their personality and style
  • See how our DJs handle announcements, introductions, toasts and the first dance before you book. (How cool is that?)
  • You’re not alone! We’re here to help answer all of your questions

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding DJ – we get that, that’s why we invite you to be a part of the process. We hope to see you soon!

Love your wedding DJ 

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