Mike Staff Productions Company Awards

Mike Staff Productions Company Awards

I will speak on behalf of the Mike Staff Productions team when I say this is one incredible company to work for. One of the reasons: Mike treats every single one of us with kindness and respect. He proves that by throwing a killer holiday party at the start of every year for all of the DJs, photographers, videographers, uplighters, sales reps, editors and directors. No exaggeration either, this party is AWESOME!

2018’s holiday party was at The Royal Park Hotel (talk about beautiful) and there seemed to be an endless amount of gifts for the team to choose from; flatscreen TV’s, kayaks, turntables – you name it, it was on the gift table.

Mike Staff Productions holiday party Mike Staff Productions holiday party Mike Staff Productions holiday party Mike Staff Productions holiday partyMike Staff Productions holiday party

But what makes this party extra special is that Mike and our Vice President of Operations, Michelle took the time to hand out awards to recognize the team’s accomplishments from the past year. There are so many talented people that make up Mike Staff Productions here are those that made a huge impact in 2018.

“YOU ROCK” Award: Director of Customer Service & DJ Erik

Mike Staff Productions awarded Director of Customer of Service & DJ Erik with the coveted 2018 “YOU ROCK” Award. This honor is a sincere ‘thank you’ for not only sharing their unique gifts & talents with our company but for also sharing themselves with us and our clients. Erik’s exceptional contributions as a DJ, sales & customer service director has only made Mike Staff Productions a better company.

Mike Staff Productions YOU ROCK awardMike Staff Productions holiday party

Video Editor of the Year: Videographer & Editor Tyler

While we are blessed to have a team of amazing videographers who are committed to creativity, excellent customer service and constant improvement; we know that an equal amount of the magic happens in the editing studio.  This award goes to the video editor who pushed the boundaries of creativity, while keeping the integrity of the Mike Staff Productions style and brand. His ability to capture the essence of a couple’s unique story by piecing together bits and pieces of video that he may or may not have shot, is truly remarkable.  

Mike Staff Productions editor of the year

2018 Videographer of the Year Award: Videographer Daniel 

This award goes to the videographer who has not only exhibited phenomenal passion & creativity in their work, but also tremendous improvement within the entire department.  Producing great wedding video is a team effort, and this person has most certainly strived for higher standards of customer satisfaction and creativity. Keeping up with trends isn’t good enough for this person, they would rather set the trends and watch everyone else follow and because of their significant contribution to the team, Mike Staff Productions Videography Services has become the industry standard in Detroit wedding videography.

Mike Staff Productions videographer of the year

“It’s Not My Coffee Table” Award: Album Designer Anthony

In the design and photography department, we have a saying “it’s not my coffee table”. Which means, this album is not going to sit on my coffee table, it’s going to sit on the client’s coffee table so we better create something that THEY like. This award went to the designer who best understands how to listen very carefully and then flawlessly perform their role to satisfy the couples unique wants and needs. 

Mike Staff Productions album designer of the year

2018 Photographer of the Year Award: Photographer Mark 

This award goes to the experienced wedding photographer who has exhibited the core values of Mike Staff Productions in their work, deed and attitude.  They have resisted the temptation to do what’s comfortable or what they’ve always done to instead connect with the clients and their own uniqueness and special wishes.   They innately go the extra mile, thrive on trying new things to push themselves professionally, are consummate team players and really care about the success of Mike Staff Productions photography department.

Mike Staff Productions photographer of the year

2018 DJ of the Year Award: DJ Nate 

This award is to recognize the wedding DJ that epitomizes the values of Mike Staff Productions.  A deep desire to serve others; a willingness to do whatever it takes to make their clients happy; complete integrity; a commitment to excellence & constant self improvement; and a natural instinct to set the bar high for themselves.  This person will always be one of the first to volunteer for backup or charity events and is perpetually willing to help other DJs. They have also perfected the art of listening to their clients to expectations. The recipient has made a conscience decision to be great and to serve others well.  

Mike Staff Productions DJ of the year

2018 Uplighter of the Year Award: Technician Mark 

The Uplighter of the Year Award goes to our lighting technician who can uniquely express themselves and our clients artistically through the use of light and color and shadows and wall textures and so much more.  This year’s recipient is not only a great artist, but a great technician and most importantly a team player. He’s enthusiastic, dependable and always eager to help others. 

Mike Staff Productions uplighter of the year

The “Details Prevail” Award: Photographer Shannon

We all know that there are certainly A LOT of details that go into wedding planning.  Our clients painstakingly research & plan every little detail of their wedding day and then have daydreamed about those details countless times!  Which makes our responsibility to honor those details amplified beyond belief. This award goes to the MSP Team Member that is supremely conscientious in everything they do.  Being thorough is not by accident and the recipient of this award proves it constantly. In every instance, they have honored our clients and our clients wishes by understanding the importance of DETAILS.

Mike Staff Productions holiday party

Kaizen Award: Photographer Amy & Videographer Jestice 

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy which has influenced Mike’s life and the life of this company tremendously.  “Kai” means change, while “zen” means good. So therefore, Kaizen means “Good Change” or “The Art of Constant Improvement”.  Through little steps, embracing change willingly and with great enthusiasm, kaizen is a powerful resource for self improvement. This award goes to the Mike Staff Productions team members that have both inwardly and outwardly shown their desire and commitment for personal and professional growth.  

Mike Staff Productions holiday party Mike Staff Productions holiday party

MVP Award: Photographer Jessica, Videographer Rocky & DJ Mike

This award is to acknowledge and thank the Mike Staff Productions team members who has selflessly given so much of themselves in order to make the entire organization thrives.  Their willingness to do whatever is asked is truly inspiring & humbling. The recipient of this award demonstrates natural leadership abilities by participating with the team on a regular basis; whether it’s showing up to company events or volunteering for our charity efforts or volunteering to be on back-up for our couples.  In short, these people epitomize team spirit and the humble sacrifice that is always necessary for any organization to be great. Honorable Mention – Practically our entire team!  

Mike Staff Productions holiday party

The “Most Awesomely Creative” Award: Videographer & Editor Tyler

We are blessed to be surrounded by awesomely creative people in our company.  We live to be creative. Whether it’s a lighting tech adding color to a room, DJ mixing songs to create the perfect vibe; or a videographer finding the perfect backdrop to capture the essence of the moment; a photographer that truly believes that there are things we’d never see if we didn’t photograph them; or the designer or editor that takes what others have shot and creates a masterpiece using their imagination of what was and what is.  Being creative is what drives everyone inside this company and it’s a value that needs to be recognized.

Mike Staff Productions holiday party

The Ultimate Utility Player: Traverse City Office Manager Audrey

This award is to acknowledge and thank the Mike Staff Productions team member who has proven that their skills are vast and varied.  Their ability to do whatever is asked is key to the success of the entire organization. Truly an example of “see a problem, be the solution” this person is resourceful, determined and knows that good enough isn’t good enough.  Their dedication to being creative and responsible in all they do shows respect for our clients and the team. Whether it’s finding new ways to be efficient, improving the customer experience or challenging the “way it’s always been”, this person contributes in ways both big and small.  In short, this person epitomizes team spirit and the humble sacrifice that is always necessary for any organization to be great.

Mike Staff Productions holiday party

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