How to Plan a Stress Free Wedding

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Tips For Planning A Stress Free Wedding

Wedding planning can be extremely stress-inducing. There are vendors to hire, food to taste, decor to decide on and so much more! Plus, most couples choose to plan their wedding in roughly a year. That’s a lot to do with not a lot of time. To avoid going crazy and becoming a bridezilla, we have some tips to help you stay stress-free while planning!

1. Hire a multi-service vendor

In 2020, engaged couples hired an average of 15 vendors for their wedding day. That’s a lot of different people to contact, money to dish out and businesses to stay on top of.

We allow you to book your wedding DJ, photographer, videographer and uplighting services all through us! That’s one company to handle four essential wedding services for your wedding with one company. You just want an awesome wedding that’s within your budget and  guess what? That’s not too much to ask.

2. Consider an all-in-one venue

All-in-one venues are preferred by an overwhelming majority of today’s wedding couples. Why? Simple: It’s so much easier!

Not only is having your ceremony and reception at the same venue the perfect way to maximize your venue budget, but it also cuts down on lag time between the two parts of the event. Instead of trying to find a ceremony venue, a reception venue and a place for the two of you and your wedding party to get ready, multi-use venues have all of these amenities in one location.

3. Bulk ordering gifts and favors

Make purchasing gifts for your wedding party and guests as stress-free as possible by bulk ordering everything you need. This is a really common thing to do for wedding favors; it’s easy to bulk order candy, bags, decor, candles, chapsticks, or anything else you can dream up for customizable wedding favors. And now, with so many well-loved companies offering a bulk ordering option, it’s easy to get great gifts for your friends and family in your wedding party too!

bulk wine wedding favors

4. Make time for yourself (and your fiancé!)

Make space in your schedule to relax and recharge. Whether this is alone or with your fiancé, it’s key to help keep stress at bay. Consider a spa day for a rejuvenating facial or couples massage, a fun date night where no planning talk is allowed or simply some time alone doing your favorite hobby. Planning a stress free wedding is important. Remember, this experience is once in a lifetime, so do all that you can to enjoy the months that lead up to your wedding.

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3 Ways We Make Wedding Planning Stress Free

Planning a wedding is so much fun! Until it just isn’t. Every time you check something off your list, you think of three things to add. You’re tired of doing research and making phone calls. You can hardly bring yourself to open Pinterest these days. And you’re starting to wonder exactly how mad your family would be if you just eloped.

You just want an awesome wedding that’s within your budget, and you’re starting to worry that’s too much to ask. It’s not.

At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve built our whole business around reclaiming the fun in your wedding planning. You only get one chance at this thing, after all, so we’ve nailed a process to make sure you get exactly what you want, then we execute…flawlessly.

We’ll help you hand-select exceptional professionals that truly “get you” and won’t blow your budget. And with a disaster-free guarantee for all our services, you (and your guests) will be talking about your killer wedding for years.

When you hire Mike Staff Productions, you’ll save weeks in planning and a lifetime of regret.

1. Our team knows their stuff, and you’ll love working with them & you get to choose them!

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all wedding DJ or Photographer – we get that, that’s why we invite you to be a part of the process. We have video profiles of all of our team members that you can ultimately work with.

Choose Your Wedding DJ

  • Watch video profiles of our award winning DJs in action.
  • Get familiar with their personality and style
  • See how our professional weddings DJs handle announcements, introductions, toasts and the first dance before you book. (How cool is that?)

Choose Your Wedding Photographer

2. Our team works together. We call it the Team Approach

You’re looking for a photographer, videographer, and DJ who will nail it—talented, friendly, experienced professionals who will deliver the wedding of your dreams, within your budget. That seems reasonable. But finding that could be trickier than you think.

When you work with us, you’ll have one wedding company delivering your three most crucial wedding services. Our team members don’t compete with one another; they collaborate to deliver the wedding of your dreams.

We’re Here For You

Have questions? Want to check out team members available for your wedding day?

3.  Our team has one another’s back.

Wedding-day emergencies happen, but that’s not your problem to solve; it’s ours. Our fail-proof  wedding day back-up plan means you never have to worry about your photographer, videographer, or DJ not showing up. At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve been in this business long enough to hear all sorts of wedding horror stories—and we’ve figured out how to avoid them all.

When you hire one of our team members, we immediately secure a back-up. Someone we pay and who is completely prepared and waiting by the phonejust in case. 

Don’t trust your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day to flimsy promises of “a friend who can help in an emergency back up plan.” Instead, let go of your stress and let us handle the details—especially those unexpected ones.

Time Management for Wedding Planning

1. List your priorities.

It sounds simple really, but can be a challenge. Rather than focus on each task that needs to be done, decide the priority items for your wedding day. When you think about your wedding, what comes first? Is it a gathering for friends and family, a celebration of you as a couple, a lavish affair? Decide on the story you want for the day and the priority elements required to make that vision a reality. Once you decide what’s important to you, the challenges of budget, guest lists, small details and big decisions will be dictated by the priority they are.

2. Sort out the details.

Now that you have your priorities lined out, set the goals for your wedding day. List the major items needed for each of your priorities. These could include the wedding budget for the item, ideas that you have, who will be helping with each. Be as specific as possible with each goal and its details, but don’t get hung up on each. As you move through the planning process, you’ll probably get more ideas. Once you have your goals set, decide when each should be accomplished and make a note.

3. Tackle that list.

Making a list is a great first step, but it’s a first step. Once you know what you need to do, break apart the plan in manageable and achievable chunks. Consider highly sought after things such as your venue, DJ, photographer, videographer, and dress as items you should tackle first.

As you plan your task calendar, be sure not to leave too many things to the end. You don’t want to work on seating plans at midnight the day before your wedding!

4. Leave some free time.

Real life continues when you are planning your wedding. Schedule time for some wedding free relaxation. Designate a wedding free weekend once a month, so you can still take part in the things you enjoy.

5. Let go of the small stuff.

The great thing about your priority list is that it helps you focus on what really matters. Sure personalized notes to each of your guests on their place cards is a great touch, but it’s pretty time consuming too. If it isn’t a big priority for your wedding day, consider cutting three things from your list immediately. You’ll feel less stressed over the non-essential elimination, and can get back to what really matters.

Avoiding Wedding Day Stress

1. Don’t forget to eat (seriously)!

Being hang-ry is not a great way to achieve a stress free wedding! It sounds silly but it’s important to remember to eat. The day is busy, you’re nervous, you may run out of time! Even if you can’t sneak in a full meal, make sure you eat some quality snacks. Not eating can lead to jitters as your blood sugar level fluctuates.

2. Stay hydrated.

A hydrated bride is a happy bride and we’re not talking about champagne! Drink plenty of water on your wedding day – especially if you are getting married in the summer months. Many ceremony sites are not air conditioned and your dress is likely to have several layers of fabric – trapping the heat in. Add to that the fact that when you are excited or nervous your heart rate increases so you lose even more fluid. It’s best to leave alcohol consumption to party hours too!

3. Get on the dance floor!

Dancing is a proven stress reliever as it releases the feel good chemical endorphins. Instead of worrying about every last detail of the wedding reception, a sure fire way to have a stress free wedding is to get on the dance floor and enjoy it along with your guests. Plus if the bride is on the dance floor, your guests will follow. A packed dance floor will sure leave you happy!

4. Mingle!

Your closest family and friends have traveled to share your wedding day with you. Enjoy visiting with them to thank them for their participation. Listening to how much they love you, and how great you look, is sure to fill your heart with joy!

5. Remember what the day is about.

In the end the most important thing to remember is this is the day you will marry your best friend, the love of your life. Everything else is just details.


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