Mike Staff Productions Serves On Specs Howard Advisory Board


Director of Videography Helps to Strengthen Specs Howard Curriculum

wedding video expert Jason Chevetawa
Jason Chevatewa, Director of Videography

If you’ve spotted the name Jason Chevatewa on the Mike Staff Productions blog before know it’s because he is the king of all things video around here. More specifically, as our Director of Videography, he leads the team that turns your wedding video into a moving piece of art.

Here’s a fun fact about Jason. He’s been immersed in the world of videography and film for over two decades professionally (no wonder why he loves Star Wars so much). He credits a lot of his passion for the industry to his education at Specs Howard School of Media – where he now serves as an Advisory Board Member.

“I was a Specs Howard grad and I love being able to give back to the school that gave me my foot in the door in the videography industry. Now as a board member, I am able to make sure the ‘up and comers’ in my field are as prepared for the industry as possible.”

So, what does a Specs Howard board member do? The goal for this team of industry experts to help shape the schools curriculum for the upcoming 2019 Fall Semester. That includes:

  • Equipment inventory. Making sure students have access to the latest equipment they would be using in the real world.
  • Developing Lesson plans. Creating projects and curriculum that helps prepare students for entry level job positions.
Specs Howard School of Media Arts

“It’s so encouraging to see the President of Specs Howard along with professors engage and listen to experts in the field. The media industry is constantly evolving and we have to keep up with it. As board members, we’re able to have constructive conversations with school leaders on how we can better the schools programs and the skills students are learning. “

Jason Chevatewa

Your Wedding Video

You might be asking yourself, ok, this is cool, but what does this have to do with my wedding video? Honestly, the fact that our Director of Videography was selected to serve on this board should truly give you every confidence in our companies ability to create a wedding video you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Jasons involvement is further proof he is an expert in his field that is always looking to grow, learn and evolve as the industry does. In turn, that means you’ll always walk away the most remarkable wedding video possible.

“I am always looking to add exceptional videographers to our team that truly understand the fundamentals of film making and editing. Some of our best videographers come from Specs Howard because they leave their educational experience with the knowledge of what it takes to make it in the real world. Then, Mike Staff Productions can mold them into the very best wedding videographers they can be – ultimately giving you a wedding video you’ll want to watch over and over again. “

Jason Chevatewa

About Mike Staff Productions

Ready to bring your wedding to life? Mike Staff Productions is here to help with any of your wedding planning questions! Feel free to give us a call (877.689.0777) or drop us a line at [email protected].


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