Wedding Venue Spotlight: The Oakley

The Oakley Wedding Venue bride and groom kissing on the grounds

Meet the Team at The Oakley

The newest event venue in the area is a family owned and operated. Cathy and Ken McKay have owned McKay’s Hardware store for 30+ years, but are embarking on a new venture. The McKay Estate was built in 1990 and resides on 40 acres of rolling hills need Holly, Michigan. Since December 2016, the McKays have been working to prepare the venue. Just a few years later, and now their home is truly an ideal wedding venue. 

WATCH: Behind the Scenes at The Oakley

The Oakley Fast Facts

  • Seating for up to 250
  • Private wedding suite with private bathroom
  • Outdoor ceremony space
  • Designated space for entertainment
  • Indoor/Outdoor bar
  • Outdoor patio for cocktail hour
  • Greenhouse access
  • Scenic views of 40 acres

“We owned a hardware store and we have a couple of our younger employees who got engaged and they want to have their wedding at the farm. At the time, the venue was our horse barn which was a simple, unattractive pole barn and they wanted to clean it out. But we realized no matter how hard we tried we would never be able to get it to be more than what it was. Then, a bottle of wine and Alicia and here we are!” – Cathy McKay, co-owner of The Oakley.

Cathy and Ken McKay are co-owners alongside their daughter-in-law, Alicia McKay, who is also the venue coordinator. They are joined by the entire McKay crew, who manage everything from basic maintenance to social media. The McKay family will be sure to make you feel at home when you book your event at The Oakley

“It’s a slice of heaven. You’ve got this little jewel and nobody knew it was here. We have created a space, there’s nothing like it and if there is it’s few and far between. What we want is a destination. We want people to remember the day they got married and that their day was perfect.” – Cathy McKay, co-owner of The Oakley.

Mike Staff Productions at The Oakley

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