4 Ways To Handle Too Many Wedding Decisions

by | October 23, 2019

If you feel like you can’t make another wedding related decision without losing your mind, we can help.

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SO. MANY. DECISIONS. Right? When you get engaged and begin planning your wedding, it is easy to jump in full force and full of excitement. A few months down the road though, you will probably start to feel overwhelmed with decisions. You can feel exhausted, disconnected, or just not even care. The last thing you want to do is make wedding decisions that you are not truly excited about. If you are feeling overwhelmed and tired of decisions, check out some ways to handle it!

1. Trust yourself.

When you first started planning, you probably had some sort of vision for your wedding, either in your head or planned on a Pinterest board. You obviously liked these details for a reason, so go with it! When you start second guessing yourself, wedding decisions become more difficult and overwhelming. If you are struggling with a decision, look back on your vision board and see what fits you original vision. 

2. Give yourself a break.

You’ve been planning and making decisions for months, so take a break! Taking a few days or even a week off of wedding planning is a great way to refresh your mind. Do something relaxing and avoid anything wedding related. Taking these breaks a few times during your wedding planning process will help you avoid burnout. After a break, you will be refreshed and ready to jump back into planning.

3. Trust the professionals.

If you have the resources, trust them! Whether that means hiring a wedding planner or just trusting your vendors. A wedding planner can take responsibility and help your wedding vision come to life. Trusting your vendors can also help. For example, if you cannot decide on a cake flavor, trust your bakery to choose the most popular. If you are struggling to choose the flowers for your bouquet, ask your florist what is in season and will work best with your theme. Ask questions and trust the professionals to help you make informed decisions. 

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4. Delegate tasks.

You may have been dreaming about your wedding day for years, so you probably think that planning each detail is the only way to bring that dream to life. But is that necessarily true? When you are overwhelmed with decisions, you may find yourself making choices you may regret later. The best way to avoid this is to bring on a team to delegate tasks. Who should you trust?

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  • Involve your fiance
  • Parents of the bride and groom
  • Bridal party
  • Close friends or family

They will be happy to share their opinions and have a part in planning your special day. You may even get some much needed knowledge from those who have already gone through the wedding planning process. Delegating tasks also allows you to focus on those decisions that are more important to you. 

More Planning Tips

Wedding planning is exhausting, we know that. That’s why we’ve gathered more tips to help you.

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