Should You Have A Wedding Website?

Is A Wedding Website Right For You?

With the amount of technology available at our fingertips, it seems like everything is taking a digital approach… even wedding planning! By now, we’re sure you are aware of wedding websites. These sites are growing in popularity and additional providers are offering this service. But what exactly is a wedding website? And do you really need one? And what information should you include on it? We cover everything you need to know about these sites below.

What Is A Wedding Website?

A wedding website is simply that – a site dedicated to your wedding. This serves as a central hub for all of your guests to see. It includes important information regarding the wedding, as well as any extras you would like to include, like your love story, engagement photography, or wedding registries. 

Reasons To Have A Wedding Website

It is no secret that planning a wedding is practically like having a second job. From booking vendors to coordinating seating charts to making your registries, there is a lot to do. That’s where a wedding website comes in! 

These sites are meant to help you. They are gaining popularity due to the simplicity, convenience, and cost effectiveness. Depending on the host you choose, there are a variety of features available. For example, you can track RSVPs real-time, manage meal preferences, and even notify guests of any updates or changes. It also saves a lot of time by doing the hard work of recording these details. A wedding website can also save you money if you opt for a digital approach to Save The Dates, RSVPs, or any other stationary that would typically be mailed.

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What To Include On Your Wedding Website

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Now that you’ve decided to have a wedding website and chosen your provider, what actually goes on the site? 

Invitation Information

This probably goes without saying, but anything you included on your invitation should be included on your website. This includes date, time, location, and any other important information you want your guests to know.

Lodging and Transportation

Your out-of-town guests will greatly appreciate any help in coordinating their trip. You want them there, so help by offering some hotels in the area for them to book their stay.

Your Registries

It is typically not appropriate to include registry information on your invitation because that implies that you are expecting gifts. However, guests will appreciate easy access to your online registries if they are included on your website, without feeling obligated to buy a gift. In fact, some users with wedding websites say the analytics showed that most users went directly to the registries pages!

Bridal Party

Your guests may not know everyone in your bridal party, so this is a fun way to give an introduction! It is much more difficult to cram information about your entire bridal party on your invitations or ceremony programs. On a wedding website, you have unlimited space to make it your own. Highlight your closest pals and include some interesting facts like who you’ve known the longest and how you met.

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Dress Code

While you can include a brief dress code on your invitations, your wedding website allows you to go further into detail. If you have a strict dress code for your black tie event, make it known here. Or if you want to suggest flats for the ladies for your outdoor ceremony, your website is the perfect space to do so.

Social Media or Privacy Guidelines

Sharing your social media preference with your guests beforehand is best practice. If you have a wedding hashtag you want them to use, share it here. If you are having a strict no phones ceremony, also give that information here to avoid any awkward conversations with those great aunt or uncles requesting them to tuck away their iPads… it happens, trust us.

Your Love Story

Your love story is special to you, so share it! Your invitation is not suited for the sweet details of your first date, but your wedding website is perfect to share those memories that you will cherish forever. Bonus points if you share those first few photos you took as a couple!

Will you have a wedding website?

Whether or not to have a wedding website is another decision you will make. They are becoming more popular, but are not required. If you don’t love the idea of spending time setting up your site, then don’t! But if you love the idea of those automated features, then get started on that site. Wedding sites can be extremely helpful and convenient, but if you are not passionate about it, then don’t feel obligated to have a site. In the end, it is your wedding day, so do what works best for you!

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