Mike Staff Productions at WPPI in Las Vegas

The MSP team will be amongst the wedding, event and portrait photographers and videographers in Las Vegas

This week our Director of Photography, Chris Ziemann, along with other members of our wedding photography team will be attending WPPI, The Wedding & Portrait Photography International conference that is held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This conference brings together some of the best photography educators and mentors in the industry from all over the world.

I love learning from other photographers just as much as I love teaching photographers. When you work with other photographers and collaborate with shooters from different parts of the country, you all end up learning great new things from each other.

Chris Ziemann, Mike Staff Productions Director of Photography

The 5 day event consists of:

  • 360+ hours of education
  • 150+ classes
  • 100+ speakers
  • One of best live print competitions that you will ever see.

There is also a top of the line photography and videography expo with the top brands in attendance. This is an amazing chance to learn and collaborate on new idea and techniques.

How Attending WPPI Benefits Our Couples

Chris will be attending dozens of different classes in order to bring all that information back to share with our team of wedding photographers. Networking with other photographers about styles and techniques from around the country is just part of what we do to ensure that we are also acting as a leader in the wedding photography industry in Metro Detroit. 

“When I attend a conference like this, I am always looking for new ways to help service our clients. This includes new posing techniques, new lighting concepts, better ways to help on the wedding day, helpful ways to communicate with our clients and making sure that we are always on top of the newest wedding trends.”

Chris Ziemann, Mike Staff Productions Director of Photography

Not only does WPPI’s show floor feature the latest cameras, lenses, printers, accessories and services from the biggest and best photography brand names, but it also hosts special events and presentations for wedding and portrait photographers that will spark your creativity and help take skills to the next level.

WPPI: Day 1 & 2 Recap

We’re checking in with our Director of Photography throughout the week to get a feel for what he and the rest of the Mike Staff Productions photographers are learning at WPPI. Check it out!

Day 1

We had a great styled shoot out at Nelson Ghost Town with a local team of models. It was a beautiful 70 degree day and it was just like being the Detroit Tigers spring training. We spent the day working on different poses and image ideas outside in the nice weather. Working with non-clients on a style shoot is a perfect way to practice your skills and test out new ideas. On an actual wedding day, time moves fast and you need to be able to think on your feet. This is why we take time in the off season to keep our skills sharp and the new ideas flowing.

Chris Ziemann, Mike Staff Productions Director of Photography

Day 2

Today’s classes were great. We listened to some great techniques on posing bridal parties on a limited time table. I really enjoy picking up new tops from seeing how other photographers work. Learning these different ideas allows me to share this information with our team of wedding photographers.

Every new technique that we can learn to help make the day move smoother for our clients is a huge advantage for all of us. Continuing education is a very large part of who we are at Mike Staff Productions. We are always finding new ways to help educate our photographers to help them give our clients the most remarkable experience that we can possibly give.

Chris Ziemann, Mike Staff Productions Director of Photography

WPPI: Day 3 & 4

I had an amazing time out at the dry lake bed photographing couples and learning from some amazing photographers. It was awesome to be able to collaborate with over 200 other photographers from around the country on this desert photo shoot.

We had a perfect day and a beautiful location but when you are shooting in harsh sunlight, you need to know what you are doing. The strong bright sunlight can be a blessing and a curse. This is why we practice.

Watching how others work and having them watch how you work really comes full circle in a beautiful combination of teacher vs student vs teacher. It is not about right and wrong, it is more about being able to adapt to different situations and having a large toolbox of ideas to work from. I am already organizing materials to share with our wedding photographers, this will help then continue to give our clients amazing images that they can cherish for a lifetime. 

Chris Ziemann, Mike Staff Productions Director of Photography

Always Improving. Never Settling.

This is just another example of how every member of our team make it a priority to constantly educate our staff and keep up with the latest trends. As a whole, our company never settles. We are always pushing our products forward creatively with new design/editing programs, albums and editing styles so the end result is something you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve built our whole business around reclaiming the fun in your wedding planning. Ready to start?

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