Need to Postpone Your Wedding due to the COVID-19 Pandemic? Follow these tips.


The COVID-19 Pandemic is affecting lives everywhere. If your wedding has been impacted by this pandemic, keep reading to learn your options.

You may have already come to a decision regarding your wedding and the COVID-19 pandemic. The government has begun imposing bans on large gatherings, so you may have no other option.

  • In metro Detroit, Governor Whitmer placed a ban on all indoor events that have more than 50 people.
  • In addition, the new federal guidelines, which are recommendations and not mandates, call on Americans to avoid social gatherings involving groups of more than 10 for the next 15 days. 

READ MORE: 4 coronavirus-related Executive Orders signed by Michigan Gov. Whitmer

Let Your Vendors Know Your Decision

Whatever your situation, if you’re postponing your wedding, you need to update those that are making it happen. Contact all vendors. Understand that they are likely experiencing an influx of calls, so be patient. Vendors want to help and accommodate each couple to the best of their ability during this interesting time.

Understand Your Contracts and Wedding Insurance

Read your contracts over to learn if and how your vendors will allow you to reschedule. This is also a good time to check in on any wedding insurance you may have gotten. Also, if you’ve already booked your honeymoon, check in on your travel insurance and see how this will all impact you.

Create a Communication Plan

You will want to communicate your plan with you guests as soon as possible. If you have a wedding website, then post your updated plans there as they come available. You can also communicate via email, phone calls, or texts. The important thing is to get them the updated information, so they can make adjustments to travel plans and any necessary bookings.

It’s Ok to Be Upset

You’re upset, and that is okay. Don’t hide your feelings. Don’t pretend everything is normal. This is a very unique situation that you could have never planned for. Allow yourself to be upset. Process your emotions. Talk it out with your fiance, friends, or family.

You Can Still Celebrate

If you must postpone your wedding, don’t let that stop you from celebrating. This was the wedding date you chose, and this date will always be special. This pandemic impacted you, and you’re never going to forget this situation. Why not make the most of it? Plan a date-night (at home, of course). If talking wedding related things help – then do it! Use this extra time to plan. If wedding related things are putting a damper on your mood, then set it aside and enjoy each other’s company.

Need additional help?

Trust & care are two things that should be non-negotiable between us and our clients. We are here to help guide you through this uncharted territory.


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