7 Things You Don’t Need to Do Right After Getting Engaged

by | June 11, 2020

Before you start rushing into wedding planning, take a moment to breathe after getting engaged

You’ve just got the ring, you’ve taken the countless selfies… now what? We’re going to share a little secret with you… you don’t have to start wedding planning the second you get the bling. Once wedding planning officially begins, it tends to consume your life. So before you jump into that, take some time to enjoy your engagement, celebrate the moment, and enjoy the time together. These are the wedding planning tasks that can wait.

1. Getting The Dress

Do not think the first thing you should do is gather your friends and rush to bridal store. Browse Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, magazines to your heart’s content for at least a few weeks. You should spend enough time to get an idea of what your style is, but not too much time where you become indecisive and without a gown to close to the wedding. We recommend purchasing your wedding dress six to eight months before the wedding. This leaves enough time for shipping, alterations, and any other issues that could possibly occur. Bonus Tip: Select a wedding photographer that has experience in capturing stunning photos of your wedding dress.

wedding dress

2. Choosing Your Bridesmaids (Or Their Dresses)

Sure, you’re excited and probably called all your besties to tell them you’re engaged. Before you ask them to say “yes” too, take a few weeks for the initial excitement to die down. See who is truly excited to jump into wedding planning with you, and which friends might be better suited to attend as a guest.

Same goes for the bridesmaids’ dresses. Chances are, your exact look and style of your wedding will evolve throughout your wedding planning process. Once some of your wedding details have been decided, then you can start choosing bridesmaids dress. We also recommend waiting until after your have your wedding dress.

bridesmaids tossing bouquets

3. The Seating Chart

Don’t even bother stressing yourself out with the seating chart already. You’ll want to start thinking about the guest list, but the seating chart does not need to be decided until after you’ve received RSVPs and decided on the reception layout.

seating chart

4. Choosing Music

If you and your fiance have “your song” then choosing your First Dance song will be a no-brainer. But, if you’re not sure on your First Dance, don’t worry about it right now. Closer to the wedding, you’ll have the chance to chat with your wedding DJ to help plan the music for your wedding day. We’ve also prepared so many playlists to help plan music for the many parts of your wedding day.

bride and groom first dance

5. The Honeymoon

Fewer couples are choosing to leave for their honeymoon immediately following the wedding. It is perfectly fine to take additional time to plan your trip. Waiting a few weeks after your wedding is becoming the norm, so don’t think you need to book your tropical vacation already. However, if you do want to leave for your honeymoon the day after your wedding, be sure to book your honeymoon travel six to eight months before the wedding.

6. The Little Details

Linens, table details, escort cards, favors… those can all wait. Focus on the bigger decisions like date, venue, and wedding photographer and videographer. Worrying about the small details will likely just make you burnt out on wedding planning.

7. The Paperwork

Get a manicure and show off that ring! Don’t waste your time filing all the paperwork already. Be sure to file for a marriage license and signing it before walking down the aisle, but anything else can wait until after you’ve said “I do.” Changing your name, combining bank accounts, and updating tax forms can wait until after the wedding.

So What Should You Do Right After Getting Engaged?

Besides taking a million selfies with your new bling, there are a few wedding tasks you can get started on. Crafting a budget, thinking about potential dates, and subscribing to wedding blogs and magazines are a great place to start. Check out our wedding planning blogs to help you gt started.

Engagement Photo Inspiration

At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve built our whole business around reclaiming the fun in your wedding planning. Ready to start?


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