Communicating With Your Wedding Guests


Tips for communicating effectively with your wedding guests.

When you’re managing your guest list, you’ll want to be as effective as possible when sharing details with guests. In this day and age, there are plenty of options for communicating with your wedding guests – from invites and email to social media groups and wedding websites. We break down the best ways for communicating with wedding guests in each situation.


You cannot go wrong with Save-The-Dates. According to WeddingWire, 72 percent of guests prefer to find out initial details about the wedding (date and location), via Save-The-Dates. Save-The-Dates allows you to unofficially let the guests know they will be invited to the wedding. This allows them to plan ahead, and start planning any travel if needed. Save-The-Dates are also the perfect opportunity to use some of your engagement session images. Save-The-Dates should be sent four to eight months ahead of the wedding.


Your wedding invitations share the finalized details of your wedding including the date, time, location, and dress code. It’s typical for invitations to go out about eight weeks before the wedding, but you’ll want to do three months if your guests need to travel. 

Floral Wedding Invitation

Wedding Website

Your invitations are for the very basic wedding information, rather than more specific details. That’s where your wedding website comes in handy. Your wedding website can be totally customized to you, but it is good practice to include wedding registry information, travel information, and any wedding-day timing you’d like your guests to know.

Email Blasts or Private Social Media Groups

As your wedding day approaches, you’ll likely need to communicate with your guests directly. This is where email blasts and private social media groups come in handy. You can share any updates regarding the scheduling, when to arrive for photos, or even invitations to additional wedding events like the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

Emergencies and Postponements

First and foremost, our hearts go out to all couples who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been something that no one could have prepared for. When you make a tough decision regarding your wedding day, the first step is to contact vendors. Next, contact your VIP guests – parents, bridal party, and close family members. They can help spread the word that the wedding is being postponed, until you can send out a more formal announcement with specific information.

  • Email

An email is the quickest way to notify your wedding guests of the postponement or if you need to trim your guest list. If you have already made new plans, you can share those in an email. If you are still replanning, let your guests know that you will share information as it is available. Your guests will understand that this is a very difficult time, as they are going through the pandemic as well 

  • Wedding Website

If you’ve been updating your website regularly and guests know to check it, then this is a great place to display information regarding COVID-19 and your wedding. Whether you are changing your date, moving your reception, or implementing social distancing measures, you can display a message for your guests, so they can plan accordingly.

  • Paper

If you do not have everyone’s email address or not quite sure if everyone will know to check your wedding website, then you should send a postponement card in the mail. 

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