Meet Our VIP Wedding Dress Shopping Party Winner


Meet Audrey, Our VIP Wedding Dress Shopping Party Winner 2020

Wedding memories were made at The VIP Wedding Dress Shopping Party that Audrey won through Mike Staff Productions & The Wedding Shoppe! We collaborated with our friends at Viviano Flower Shop and Detroit’s Best Limo to provide an extra special experience for a bride in the midst of wedding planning.  We wanted to provide something glamorous, fun and most importantly, stress free. 

Here’s out it worked: The Wedding Shoppe shut down their store just for Audrey and her guests to give them a private wedding dress shopping experience. We provided her own personal DJ to spin her favorite music, a photographer & a videographer to document the party — and away she went! They shopped until they dropped, and Audrey said yes to the dress!

Now, we cannot show pictures of the dress that she’ll be walking down the aisle in (it’s beautiful by the way), but here’s a behind the scenes look at Audrey’s VIP Shopping Experience!

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Audrey trying on dress at wedding shoppe

Had you started wedding dress shopping prior to winning our contest? 

“I had not gone anywhere else to look at dresses. COVID-19 made it almost impossible to even get a dress appointment, so I am eternally grateful I won this experience! I had stopped at a chain dress shop the week before and just looked at their dresses on the rack, but this was my first time putting dresses on. I was getting anxious prior to my dress party date because I hadn’t had any other dress looking experience, but I’m glad I didn’t, because it worked out in the end!”

Share your thoughts on The Wedding Shoppe overall.

“I had the absolute best time! Walking into The Wedding Shoppe we were greeted with an awesome floral smell and gorgeous dresses – the whole place sparkled. I loved that we were the only ones there and Shawn, the consultant, was amazing. She was able to pull dresses based on the description of dress styles I liked, and she didn’t pressure me into one or the other. She didn’t rush us either, and made sure to tell me that we had all the time we needed, so I knew I wasn’t rushed into this big decision either.”

wedding shoppe vip party

YOU FOUND YOUR DRESS! How did you know it was the one!?! 

“It’s crazy, because the first dress I tried on is the one I said yes to! When trying on other dresses, I kept comparing them to that first one. So I had tried on a few different style dresses and my family and friends being there was great because they could help steer me in the right direction. I had finally got my choices down to two (from the same designer) and Shawn had told me, “Don’t rush. Take a seat, drink some wine, think about it”. My cousin had taken pictures throughout, so she was able to show me comparisons of me wearing them, and the one I had on just felt right. It was the perfect combination of everything I had wanted, and my family and friends told me they felt I looked the best in that one too!”

YES signs at the wedding shoppe

What did you think about having a complete Mike Staff Productions team in house to document the event?

“Having the complete Mike Staff team was awesome! The music in the background helped set the mood, and let everyone let loose. To me, the photo and video was the best part though. A little over a year ago I lost my dad, and it was the hardest thing to go through. His passing reminded me how important having pictures and videos are, so that you can keep people’s memories alive. So having professional pictures and videos of this special event with all my close family and friends is amazing. I can’t wait to share with my family and future family these cherished memories.”

Would you recommend Mike Staff Productions and The Wedding Shoppe to other brides? If you, why?

“Absolutely! Shawn from The Wedding Shoppe was phenomenal! The photographer did an amazing job at gathering everyone together, posing us all, and fluffing the dress!”

Describe your experience with Detroit’s Best Limo? 

“It was fun that we could all go together there and back! We got to talk about the dress, the wedding day, and just have an all around nice relaxing time.”

detroit's best limo at vip party

What did you love most about your florals from Viviano? 

“They smelled so beautiful. I loved that they took my ideas and ran with it. It was really helpful having the bouquet from them there as well because I was able to see how that style and those colors looked with my dress.”

viviano bouquet at wedding shoppe

WATCH: Audrey’s VIP Shopping Experience at The Wedding Shoppe

At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve built our whole business around reclaiming the fun in your wedding planning. Ready to start?


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