Things That Will Get Left Behind at Your Wedding Reception


Things You’ll Leave Behind at Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding day will be busy to say the least. You’ll be full of excitement from pre-ceremony through your wedding reception. With all the excitement, it is safe to assume that you’ll lose track of a few things. You’ll be busy doing that ‘having the best day of your life’ thing. Luckily, you’ll have your bridal party by your side. Consider assigning a few things to your bridesmaids to help you keep track of these items throughout the day. Having an exit strategy in place means you can enjoy every moment of your wedding day, and know you’ve trusted a few of your loved ones to handle the end-of-night tasks.

Your Bouquet

At the beginning of your wedding day, you’ll be all starry-eyed looking at your bouquet. But after a ceremony and photos, you’ll be thankful to put it down while greeting guests. You’ll want to keep your bouquet for memories sake. If you’re planning a bouquet toss, get a second bouquet for the actual tossing, so you can keep your bridal bouquet.

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Your Emergency Kit

So you know you need an emergency kit full of essentials for your wedding day. You’ll want to carry this along with you from ceremony to reception. But the truth is, you’ll probably forget about it by the end of the night. 

Your Veil

If you choose to remove your veil throughout the day, it is easy to lose track of. If you’re planning on taking it off, ask your bridesmaids to help keep track of it. 

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Things Your Guest Will Leave Behind at Your Wedding Reception

How do you know you threw the reception of a lifetime (besides hiring our DJs)? Your guests are too busy dancing to keep track of their things! Our DJs have seen it all. Here are some of the most common things guests leave behind at weddings. 


Jewelry is one of the most common things left behind at weddings. When you have a great wedding DJ playing awesome music, it’s almost inevitable that people will lose jewelry on the dance floor. Ask your venue to put any found items in a box and contact you. That way if anything of value is lost, you can help track down the owner.


Who wants to dance all night in heels?! Exactly. We’ve seen it before… lots of shoes left behind at the reception. This is even more common if you provide flip-flops or slip-ons as a wedding favor. 


While you may have spent hours designing your perfect wedding program and menus, they’re probably going to get left behind. Some guests may choose to keep these items as mementos, but a larger portion of guests will likely leave them on their seats or even toss them.

Guest Favors

The wedding favors that you spent extra on? There is a high chance of those getting left behind. Guests often forget about these little knick knacks while wrapping up the evening. Consider gifting guests a small treat to fuel their trip home, rather than a custom favor that you’d be heartbroken to know so many guests left behind.

donut mind if I Do wedding favors

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