5 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

Five wedding traditions that you totally do not have to do. 

Weddings are full of traditions – the dress, the wedding party, cake cuttings – it almost feels like there is a list of wedding “must-dos.” Now, if you’re a bride that has dreamed of each of these wedding traditions, then go for it! But if you’re a bride that cringes at some of these traditions, then we have news for you: Personalize your wedding for you and your soon-to-be-spouse. Yeah, we are here to tell you that you’re off the hook for those wedding traditions that are so not you. We’ve gathered the top five wedding traditions that you can totally skip!

1. Wear White

Couldn’t picture yourself in a white gown for an entire day? SKIP IT! The most important thing on your wedding day is to feel comfortable and confident. If wearing white makes you feel out of place, then don’t force yourself to do it on your wedding day. Fun fact: The Wedding Shoppe says color is totally in for 2021 and 2022.

2. Have a Wedding Party

Considering standing solo on your wedding day? DO IT! Skipping the wedding party means skipping stress, drama, time, and cutting costs. This doesn’t mean you’re totally solo. Your friends can still help with wedding planning and join you to get ready for the day. They just get to do so without a title, which is less stressful for everyone involved.

3. Give Guest Favors

Spoiler alert: those guest favors that put another dent in your wedding budget will probably get left behind at the wedding. Don’t want to waste your budget on guest favors? Then don’t! Chances are, guests won’t even notice. Instead, use that money on another part of your wedding day that is more important to you.

guest wedding favors

4. A Bouquet and Garter Toss

Cringing at the idea of a garter toss? Don’t want to stop the party to throw the bouquet? Toss that tradition (pun intended)! Many couples don’t feel comfortable with the bouquet and garter toss, and that’s okay! Don’t force yourself into participating in any traditions that you aren’t completely excited about.

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bouquet toss at wedding reception

5. The Guest Book

The guest book is a wonderful keepsake from your wedding day. But if you are already envisioning yourself packing it away and never look at it, then just skip it. You’ll have wedding cards that your guests will share their well wishes. You’ll also have professional wedding photography and videography capturing the memories of the day when you want to relive those moments. 

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