6 Ways Life Changes Once You’re Engaged

You literally won’t be able to stop staring at your hand, that’s a promise!

Here’s the truth of getting it engaged – it changes everything! We’re not just talking about the fact that you will be legally bound to someone, but little things like friendships, the way you watch rom-coms (without sulking into a container of ice cream) and your left hand will be your new eye candy! Here are the 6 ways life changes once you get engaged.

1. You’ll watch romance movies and TV shows differently.

First, you’ll likely start watching a lot more wedding related reality TV Say Yes to the Dress anyone? Maybe some Bridezilla? This is one of the perks that comes with getting a ring, you don’t have to feel guilty binge watching wedding shows!

As for all of those sappy romance movies you couldn’t make it through without crying into a bowl of ice cream before you met your perfect match, (The Notebook, Love Actually… you know what I am talking about) consider this your happy ending! Only tears of joy now!

2. Thoughts of wedding planning will take over!

It’s okay and natural to get the thought process started early but recognize there’s a long road ahead of you and there’s plenty of time to plan a wedding. Keep in mind, your future spouse likely spent a lot of time and money planning your proposal so, some breathing room is healthy.

PRO TIP: A few things you can get started on right away: planning out the guest list (at least your family and friends) and documenting your proposal story on your wedding website. But if you’re ready to dive in, the team at Mike Staff Productions is ready to meet with you!

3. Your left hand will become your new eye candy.

The sparkle catches your attention when you least expect it, it’s distracting when your hand is on the wheel while driving and it’s just so GORGEOUS! You’re going to be obsessed! Keep in mind, everyone is going to want to see the ring, so snag a manicure (if you didn’t already) before showing it off in person or on Instagram!

4. You’ll have to tell your proposal story over and over… and over again.

Everyone’s going to want to know so get good at telling and retelling the story. It’s all part of the fun of being engaged. Reminder – this is where the wedding website comes in! You can link to your social media accounts so your friends and family can get all of the details anytime!

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5. People will want to know when you’re getting married, right away!

The moment you get engaged, people will start asking you when you’re getting married! You mean, you don’t know yet!??! You know how it goes. Everyone is excited. If you’re simply trying to enjoy the engagement phase try to not get flustered and remind your friends and family there’s PLENTY of time for the details. They’ll get the hint.

6. Married friends became wedding planning experts (at least they think they are lol)

Everyone has an opinion, everyone will want to offer advice or sharing wedding planning war stories. Take it all with a grain of salt. Pour some wine, thank them for their advice, move on with your plans and what’s best for your budget and relationship. (Just wait until you have a baby!)


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