9 Ann Arbor Photography Locations You’ll Love

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9 Ann Arbor Photography Locations You’ll Love For Your Engagement and Wedding Photos

There are few places like Ann Arbor, with its distinct personality and diversity, it’s one of those cities that has a lot of offer, especially when it comes to Ann Arbor photography locations. Ann Arbor is nothing if not eclectic and our professional wedding photographers know how to capture that electricity in photos.

So, whether you’ve decided to get married at one of the beautiful wedding venues in Ann Arbor or use the downtown area as your backdrop for engagement photos, our wedding photographers have put together a list of the top Ann Arbor photography locations.

Important note: Please confirm photography permit or availability with your preferred location. Many properties will only allow photography with advance permission if your ceremony and/or location are not on the property.

1. U of M Law Quad

The striking Gothic-style buildings that make up the University of Michigan Law Quad is architecture at it’s finest. This location may be the single most popular destination in Ann Arbor (particularly for wedding photos). Its classic architecture has a romantic European feel, so if you have classic tastes, this may be the best photo location for you. You don’t have to be a student to be on the grounds just be prepared that you may be battling the crowds.

Ann Arbor Photography locations

2.University of Michigan Campus / Stadium

Hail to the Victors! I mean this choice is simple, if you eat, sleep and breath Michigan Football or just the University itself — the campus or the stadium is a no brainer! Mike Staff Productions has taken countless photo sessions here and all of them are touchdowns! (Ha, like what I did there?) Go Blue! Oh, check to make reservations and gain proper access.

3. Graffiti Alley / Michigan Theatre

Talk about cool, edgy and VERY Ann Arbor! Graffiti Alley is full of spectacular artwork. From the walls to the ceiling, everything is covered in graffiti from artists all over the world. Very easy to locate once on East Liberty Street. The alley is affiliated with the Michigan Theater in Downtown Ann Arbor.

4. Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Dreaming of elegant garden photos for your engagement session or wedding day? Matthaei Botanical Gardens is the perfect option. The gardens are full of dreamy greenery and blooming florals. You can easily spend your session seeing all that the Matthaei Botanical Gardens has to offer. Matthaei Botanical Gardens is located north and east of central campus near the U-M East Ann Arbor Health Center and Domino’s Farms. Nichols Arboretum is located on central campus near the U-M hospitals.  This is one of those Ann Arbor photography locations that reflect all the best things about Ann Arbor. Gorgeous greenery, delicate flowers, manicured walking paths, the Huron River, and unique architecture. With so much variety, your images will always feel unique.

5. Nichols Arboretum

Nichols Arboretum is just walking distance from the University. The Arb is the largest park in Ann Arbor – 123 acres to be exact – so you’ll have plenty of space full of variety including rolling hills, grassy open fields, wooded areas, maintained gardens, and waterfront views of the Huron River. Nichols Arboretum is also home to the Nichols Arboretum Peony Garden and several collections of historic or native plants.

ann arbor photography locations

6. Cobblestone Farm

The Cobblestone Farm House was completed in 1845, and has since been restored to reflect its mid-nineteenth century appearance. The farm house sits upon 4-acres. The possibilities are endless with the open field, Cobblestone Farm House, and the Cobblestone Barn.

7. Island Park

Island Park is a 35-acre park in Ann Arbor, which features a 5-acre island located in the middle of the Huron River. The park provides plenty of open space and trees to serve as your perfect backdrop to your engagement or wedding photos.

8. Parker Mill County Park

Parker Mill County Park offers 45-acres of mostly wooded land. Parker Mill County Park features mostly wooded land, along with trails and paved paths to make your way around the park. Flemming Creek runs right through this park, and since it’s smaller you can get right next to the creek for some amazing nature shots. Beautiful bridges also overlook the creek that make for some fun family images. A boardwalk trail and even the mill building and old log cabin are great for unique pictures. The historic operating grist mill is one of the highlights of the park, and one the many photography locations you cannot miss.

9. Gallup Park

One of Ann Arbor’s most popular recreational areas is Gallup Park. Gallup Park is located along the Huron River and Geddes Pond, and offers 69-acres to explore during your photo session. You’ll love the scenic walkways, small islands, and pedestrian bridges.

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