Benefits of Planning a Small Wedding

Benefits of Planning a Small Wedding

Everyone has their own idea of their dream wedding. Maybe it’s a ballroom with hundreds of guests, or maybe it’s a private garden with your closest friends and family. Maybe you’re considering planning a small wedding for budget reasons. Or maybe there is a venue you love but has a strict limit on the number of guests. Whatever your reason, a small wedding is a great choice for so many reasons. Keep reading to learn a few reasons why a small wedding maybe be the best option for you. 


The budget can be one of the biggest wedding planning stressors and price per guest is the quickest way your budget can get out of of hand. Smaller weddings could mean big savings for you. Planning a small wedding means less of everything – save the dates, invitations, wedding favors, and meals just to name a few. You may also save by choosing a smaller venue. Smaller venues mean fewer tables, fewer florals, fewer centerpieces… you see what we mean. Small weddings mean small budgets. 

Photos and Video of Everyone

With larger weddings, things can tend to get a bit impersonal. You may have friends or family members attending the event that you haven’t seen in years and who you may know little or nothing about. PLUS your professional wedding photographers and videographer will be able to capture memories with ALL of them! Smaller affairs allow you to share and cherish your special event with those who are closest to you and who you love and care about the most. Photographers can easily take group and wedding party photos with smaller weddings.

Here’s an idea: Have guests stand together outside of the venue or ask your photographer to get an aerial shot of you and your guests!

Intimate Environment

A smaller wedding means you can choose a more intimate venue. A smaller venue allows everyone to truly feel part of the day. Also, by trimming your wedding guest list, you can invite only those who you truly have the tightest bonds with. Inviting those who are truly there for you and not just the party makes your wedding feel much more special. 

A smaller wedding, with fewer guests, may allow for some creative venue options. If you love a certain house or property that isn’t generally used for weddings or has a smaller capacity, the venue could now be an option! Dreaming of a private garden wedding? An art gallery? Your favorite restaurant where you and your fiance had your first date? If you’re limiting your guest list, you have much more freedom and flexibility than if you had to find a venue to accommodate over 200 people.

More Time With Guests

Many couples often note that the entire wedding was a blur. The day goes by so quick, they don’t even remember seeing half the people who were there. At your wedding, you’ll definitely want to do your rounds of chatting with guests. But if your wedding includes hundreds of people, that will be difficult to accomplish. A smaller wedding means you can chat and make meaningful memories with each of your guests, without sacrificing any of your wedding day fun. You can do your rounds and still have time to break it down on the dance floor.

Lower Stress

Less people also means less stress. A smaller guest list means you’ll feel less pressure to entertain and interact with everyone. Limiting your guest list means you’ll have the opportunity to truly enjoy every moment of your wedding day, without feeling overwhelmed and the pressure to entertain hundreds of guests. 

In regards to wedding planning, a smaller wedding can feel a lot less daunting than planning for hundreds of guests. DIY details are much more manageable for a small wedding. You likely won’t be waiting as long for RSVPs. This gives you more time to focus on the details and plan the wedding day of your dreams. 

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