Pros, Cons, And Alternatives to the Bouquet Toss

bouquet toss at wedding reception

Pros of a Wedding Bouquet Toss:

Let’s get real, the bouquet toss is one of those wedding traditions that’s starting to fade. That’s totally cool but not to be a total downer, it’s still an exciting reception moment that’s just fun for your guests to watch! (Who doesn’t want to see ladies clamoring over your beautiful bouquet as it’s flying through the air?) There are some pros for doing the bouquet toss tradition.

1. It’s a Tradition.

Some in attendance are waiting for this moment during your wedding reception. When a tradition is observed, their expectation is fulfilled and a certain comfort level borne of familiarity is reached.

2. Guests get involved.

If plenty of singles are at your party, the event generates suspense for your wedding guests. If some of the singles are well-mannered but rowdy friends, you can expect great enjoyment and fun. Hosting the toss amid your dance party is a great way to get singles to meet on the dance floor. Professional wedding DJs draw on their experience and follow simple techniques that engage your guests and elevate the excitement of your reception’s most memorable moments.

3. Great photo and video opportunities are made.

You can expect great shots of your friends wearing spontaneous smiles and their Sunday best. The camera will capture their laughter and looks of surprise, embarrassment, and goofiness, as they carry out the traditions of the bouquet toss.

4. Bouquet tosses can be fun.

If the singles at your reception are in the spirit of the moment, then these rituals that bring people together will be fun and exciting for you and your guests.

bouquet toss at reception

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Cons of a Wedding Bouquet Toss:

1. Many guests may not want to participate.

It’s customary for the bride to help gather the singles in attendance and invite them to get involved in the bouquet toss. If singles are reluctant to participate, but go along to be polite to the bride, the events won’t be fun for them and may make them uncomfortable, a feeling which is sure to spread among the guests watching them.

2. There’s less party time.

When our DJ has your dance floor rockin’, why screech the party to a halt? Even small traditions, like the bouquet toss, take a little time to organize. You can expect to spend 10 to 12 minutes gathering the participants. While others are distracted, guests who aren’t caught up in the moment may take this opportunity to leave.

3. Do you want a picture of this?

Since the bouquet and garter toss are mostly staged events, we all know what to expect, with certain variations on the old theme.

4. Some guests may act inappropriately.

Why take the chance of subjecting your guests to potentially ill-advised and outlandish actions?

Bouquet Toss Alternatives

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Weddings are full of traditions. Many of these traditions you’ll want to take part in because of that bridal feeling. But others, you may be reconsidering.

One of the many traditions we hear about is the bouquet and garter toss. These involve throwing the bouquet and garter into a crowd of single guests on your dance floor. These are the traditions that couples tend to toss (no pun intended) quicker than other traditions – like the first dance or wedding reception toasts.

Why are couples opting to forgo these traditions? Some couples don’t like the history of it. In medieval times, guests would tear at the bride’s dress for a piece of “good luck,” so brides began tossing their garters to get away. Other couples don’t feel comfortable with it. Some brides don’t want to toss their beloved bridal bouquet.

Luckily, it is your wedding so you have the freedom to personalize all the traditions to fit your personality. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite bouquet and garter toss alternatives. Whatever you choose, your wedding photographer and wedding videographer will be there to capture the memories.

Recognize Another Couple

Rather than tossing your precious bridal bouquet, gift it to someone at your reception. One popular choice is to gift the bouquet to the couple that has been married the longest. This is a sweet way to acknowledge their long, happy marriage. Another option is to pass the torch, literally! Gift the bouquet to an engaged couple who is getting married next.

Gift It

Was your maid of honor a huge help in the wedding planning? Couldn’t have made it through wedding planning without your mom? Consider gifting your bridal bouquet to someone who helped out with wedding planning. Show your appreciation with this symbolic “thank you” gift.

Breakaway Bouquet

If your bouquet allows, break off the individual flowers and gift it to all of the singles at your reception, rather than just tossing it to one. Make all of your guests feel special and involved in this tradition!

Skip It

The best part? It’s your wedding! Hate the bouquet and garter toss? Just skip it altogether. If this tradition doesn’t feel right for you, don’t feel pressured to do it. There is no reason to include any traditions just for the sake of tradition.

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