The Most Popular Days to Get Engaged

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The NEW Most Popular Days to Get Engaged

Surprise! Christmas Day was NOT the most popular day to get engaged in 2020.

**Updated for 2023-2024 wedding season**

If you’re thinking that a ring is in your future, you’re probably wondering when your significant other is going to pop the question! Pre-COVID, the most popular day to get engaged was (surprise, surprise) December 25th, Christmas Day but like so much in our lives, the most popular proposal dates and engagement season actually shifted quite a bit.

40 percent of engagements occurred between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day—with many of those dates occurring on and around Christmastime. After all, what could be a better holiday gift than a sparkly new engagement ring?

According to WeddingWire, while some of 2020’s top proposal dates fell within “engagement season” as the industry calls the Thanksgiving-to-Valentine’s Day timeframe, their polls saw many other dates gain popularity during 2020.

The Most Popular Days to Get Engaged

#1. Valentine’s Day

In the past, Christmas Day easily the front runner for the most popular day to get engaged. But in 2020, Valentine’s Day took the top spot as the most popular day to get engaged—possibly because in 2020, it took place before COVID swept the U.S. And, of course, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s all about love. The romantic mood is already set and come on, receiving a ring sure beats a box of chocolates, doesn’t it?

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#2. New Years Day

The ball drop, a kiss and a diamond! What could be better? New Year’s Day is huge proposal opportunity. Technically, any proposal that occurs at or right after midnight constitutes a New Year’s Day engagement. What a great way to kick off the new year!

#3. Christmas Day

The typical engagement season (Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day) centers around Christmastime. And while Christmas Day usually takes the top spot for the most popular day to get engaged, WeddingWire says it dropped to third place this year—probably because Christmas looked a little different for many families in 2020.

Still, it is one of the most celebratory days of the year and is there a better gift than a diamond? (We think not!) Everyone is already together – making it easy to gather family members and friends for a post-proposal celebration. Done & done! SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: Holiday Vibes

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#4. Christmas Eve

For some families, the big celebration takes place on Christmas Eve or maybe the two of you are having a romantic evening together before the big family party. A proposal on Christmas Eve night adds to the joyful, holiday feeling.

Christmas wedding Most Popular Days to Get Engaged

#5. 4th of July

Celebrate your engagement with a fireworks display! Talk about having the festivities built right into your proposal. In 2020, it moved up quite significantly to number 5. Why?  In 2020 meant more opportunity for outdoor (and COVID-safer) activities and proposals.

This is the one of the only holidays on the list that doesn’t fall during the Fall or Winter seasons. Engagement rings go perfect with hot temperatures, cold drinks and summer lovin’!

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Runner Up Dates

December 23rd

Why wait until Christmas to get engaged?

  1. You won’t be impeding on the holiday celebrations.
  2. Your partner likely won’t be expecting a proposal on the 23rd!

Many couples want to kick off Christmastime on an exciting note and a proposal is certainly one of the best ways to do just that!

Two Saturdays Before Christmas Eve

Again, why wait until Christmas when you can show off your new diamond at all of the holiday gatherings?! Plus, it helps make the days and weeks leading up to the holidays exciting! Spread the cheer out.

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Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is known to many as the official start of summer, so it’s no wonder that it’s also popular time for proposals. And by popping the question near the start of this long holiday weekend, couples have a few extra days to celebrate with family and friends.

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 Saturday Before Valentine’s Day

Totally catch your partner off guard and propose the weekend before Valentine’s Day! The feeling may be that proposing on Valentine’s Day is a bit “obvious,” so popping the question the Saturday before adds an element of surprise. You may still need to pick up a dozen roses on the actual holiday, though. Just sayin’.

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