Overlooked Wedding Details

Overlooked Wedding Details

It’s no surprise we love details! Our expert wedding photographers love capturing shots of every detail of your wedding day. After all, you’ve spent months planning, so you want the photos to cherish forever.


How can you make your guests whisper ‘WOW’ when they walk into your wedding reception? LIGHTING! Lighting is often an overlooked detail of your wedding day. Uplighting is a budget friendly way to dramatically change the “mood” of your venue space. Lighting your venue can be used to create focal points within your reception space. Uplighting is also completely customizable – with an infinite color palette of LED uplights, you can transform your reception space to fit your wedding theme.

Table Linens & Chairs

Chairs (or chair covers) and table linens can transform an ordinary venue into something extravagant and enhance the sense of “theme” for your wedding. Specialty linens can highlight areas of importance: cake table, sweetheart or family table. Often table settings are among the first to get nixed when the budget gets tight. Besides compromising the overall look of your reception, there’s no guaranteeing the condition of your venue’s house chairs and linens (scuffs, stains, and wobbles). Beyond style and color, linen sizes can make or break a table setting. This handy table linen sizing chart can help avoid this common oversight.

table linen


There are so many details that go into wedding planning. The planning stages can be daunting, and difficult to stick to a theme. Committing to a theme in these early stages is crucial. This allows you to ensure all the elements of the event work well together from a visual standpoint. Choose your “must have” elements first, and keep these in mind throughout wedding planning. For example, the bride’s wedding dress may influence the style and color of bridesmaids dresses, table linens, floral arrangements, invitations, and more.

Logistically, consider the flow of events from ceremony to send-off. Carefully consider your venue and timeline. Try to avoid confusion for guests, and limit extra steps back and forth all evening.  

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Photo Opportunities

hashtag sign

Every wedding guest is looking for that “Instagram” moment. Providing photo opportunities is a fun way to provide easy entertainment for your guests, and also create lasting memories. Consider a statement piece such as marquee letters, or a floral wall that creates and organic urge to gather friends for a selfie.

Photo opportunities do not always require a grand display. If your venue has a particularly desirable view or space to congregate, consider things like soft seating or market lights to frame in the area for perfect photos.

Bonus tip: If you have a wedding hashtag, consider signage near photo-op areas to remind your guests as they snap away.

Personal Satisfaction

Most importantly, don’t overlook your own satisfaction. This is YOUR special day. Don’t let the opinions of others cloud your personal tastes and choices. Although including and accommodating everyones’ opinion sounds great, it usually just leads to frustration and confusion.

General rule: If they’re not helping with costs, don’t stress over their opinions.


At Mike Staff Productions, we’ve built our whole business around reclaiming the fun in your wedding planning. Ready to start?


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