Preparing for Your Pre-Ceremony Wedding Photography

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Pre-Ceremony Wedding Photography Requires a Plan

Preparing for your pre-ceremony wedding photography is an essential aspect of your wedding day planning that can often be overlooked. These photos capture the moments leading up to the ceremony, including getting ready with your bridal party, family, and capturing details of your dress, jewelry, shoes, and other personal items.

You pre-ceremony wedding photos also set the tone for your wedding album, creating a cohesive and beautiful collection of images that tell the story of your big day. In this blog, we’ll discuss some key tips to help you prepare for your pre-ceremony wedding photography, ensuring that your wedding day is captured in the most beautiful way possible.

Choose the Perfect Pre-Ceremony Location

The location where you and your partner will prepare for your wedding day is a crucial factor in capturing beautiful photographs. A well-lit and uncluttered room with natural light is preferable to harsh overhead lighting. Selecting locations close to each other saves time and allows your photographer to capture more moments. Similar backgrounds and architectural elements create a cohesive look in your wedding album.

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Time Your Photographer’s Arrival Correctly

Discuss with your photographer the types of photographs you want to be taken and schedule their arrival time accordingly. It is recommended that the photographer arrive after your hair and makeup are almost finished, but before you start getting dressed. Plan extra time for hair and makeup preparation as most delays happen during this stage. While you are being made up, the photographer can capture pictures of your wedding day details such as your dress, jewelry, shoes, and other special items.

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Make Sure Items to Be Photographed Are Available

Planning in advance for the items you want to be photographed is crucial on your wedding day. Gather together any items you want in the pictures, such as the bride’s bouquet, jewelry, shoes, dress, and other personal items. The groom’s cuff-links, pocket watch, boutonniere, and attire should also be available. Any items you plan to give as gifts to your parents or attendants should also be included. Make sure these items are easily accessible and not hidden away in bags or another location.

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Inform Your Subjects of Their Role

Letting your subjects know in advance that they will be needed for pre-ceremony wedding photos is essential. It’s common to get pictures of the bride and groom with their attendants, parents, and other important family members during this time. Family members may become busy with other tasks or begin socializing with guests, so it’s important to communicate clearly with everyone involved. Informing them of their role ahead of time ensures that they are available for the photos you want.

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Start Laying Out Your Wedding Day

The number one reason wedding day timelines go off schedule are due to delays while getting ready. Hair & makeup goes too long, wardrobe malfunctions need tending to, members of the bridal party arrive late – this is where creating a wedding timeline can save you (and your vendors).

The purpose of your wedding day timeline is to keep everyone on track – from your photographers to your caterers to your bridal party. Having this timeline prepared helps you find any potential issues throughout the day, and fix them before the issue even arises. You’ll have a better idea of what time you need to start getting ready, when vendors should arrive, and even setup and breakdown times.


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