Questions to Ask Wedding Videographers Before Booking

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Don’t book before learning these questions to ask wedding videographers!

You’ve spent months, even years, planning your wedding, so you want every detail to be captured perfectly. When choosing a experienced wedding videographer, you want someone who gets you. Someone who gets your vision and style and someone with experience. But many couples don’t know where to start when searching for that perfect fit. We’ve gathered a few questions to ask wedding videographers before booking. Don’t be disappointed by your wedding memories.

1. What is your wedding videography style?

This is one of the first questions to ask wedding videographers! Cinematic is more dramatic than documentary. A documentary style is straightforward where as cinematic has an artistic flair. Most wedding videos have a mix of both, but make sure your videographer’s style fits your own style and wedding theme.

2. How long has your videographer’s company been in business?

This clues you in to the quality of the company and the longevity of their commitment to service.You will want a wedding videography company that has been around for at least five years! Make sure to add this to your list of wedding videographer questions!

3. How will your videographer coordinate with a wedding photographer? 

This is a huge necessity. Booking both services with the same company is a great idea. There will be unity in their work ethic and style.

4. Has your videographer shot a wedding at your ceremony or reception site?

If he or she has, the wedding videographer will have a knowledge that you can benefit from such as knowing the lay of the land.

5. What happens if my videographer is sick or a camera breaks? Is there a back-up plan?

Choose a company that is large enough to have on-call videographers ready for every event and has the integrity to have multiple back-up cameras.

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Getting Married in Metro Detroit?

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