Taylor Swift’s 2023 Concert Impacts Detroit Weddings

Taylor Swift Concert Impacts Detroit Weddings

Taylor Swift’s tour coming to Detroit on June 10, 2023

The pop star’s first stadium tour in five years has caused brides all over the U.S. to panic as they plan their wedding around Swift’s concert dates and her world tour happens to be stopping in Detroit, Michigan on one of the biggest wedding weekends of 2023.

Swift’s concert is scheduled to be at Ford Field in Detroit on June 10, 2023 and you better believe other downtown events  (like weddings) will be greatly impacted, but more on that below.

So, metro Detroit Swifties, what would you do? Cancel your wedding to attend her concert? If you find yourself asking this question, know you’re not alone.

Check out this bride-to-be that Rolling Stone Magazine featured: “Taylor Swift is finally going on tour,” said a tearful woman named Jessica Ingersoll in her own TikTok, also featuring the tour dates. “But I live in Seattle, and that’s my wedding day.” She pointed to July 22, when Swift will perform at the city’s Lumen Field. “Come on. What are the chances of that?”


Sooo do I cancel my wedding or..?? 😭😭 #greenscreen @taylornation @taylorswift #taylorswift #TStheerastour

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How Your Detroit Wedding Will Be Impacted

Some people might think we’re a little ‘off our rocker’ for writing about this topic, but for anyone getting married at wedding venues in downtown Detroit on June 10th, the concern is real. Whether you’re a fan or not, Swift’s tour will greatly impact the flow of the day and couples, vendors and wedding guests should be prepared.


Ford Field holds approximately 65,000 people for events and you know that concert will be a sell-out.  That’s a lot of people filling up lanes on I-75, I-94 or any metro Detroit route that gets folks downtown. We can picture the grid lock now.

Our suggestion? Inform wedding guests and wedding vendors to give themselves extra time to get to your wedding. Whether it’s for your Detroit ceremony or reception, anyone attending your wedding will need additional time navigating downtown along side the Swift fans.


With traffic problems, come potential parking problems. All of those cars will have to park somewhere. Rest assured Ford Field has it’s own designated parking deck but many concert-goers may opt for less expensive parking options in lots surrounding the stadium. Depending on which Detroit wedding venue you’re getting married at, you may want to discuss parking options with your venue coordinator to ensure ample space for your guests.

Several downtown Detroit wedding venues have their own privates, but others may not. It’s worth checking on.

Photography Locations

Downtown Detroit is one of the most popular wedding photography destinations in metro Detroit, even if you’re not actually tying the knot in the city. There’s no other way to put to it, other than downtown Detroit will be packed on June 10, 2023 and a lot of the popular photography locations could be obstructed by crowds, traffic or road closures.

If you plan to take your chances that day, consider this your official warning to plan ahead with your wedding photographer and lock down a photography plan that includes backup locations and additional travel time.

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Guest Attendance

This is likely the least of your worries, but if know of any big-time Swift fans on your guest list, they may find themselves weighing their options to attend your June 10th wedding or Taylor’s concert. You may receive a few extra RSVP declines but if that’s the case make sure they bring you some Swift merchandise at the very least.


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