Should You Hire One or Two Wedding Photographers in Metro Detroit?

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Should You Hire One or Two Wedding Photographers in Metro Detroit?

Let’s tackle the ultimate question for Detroit-area brides and grooms: should your photography package include one or two wedding photographers? 

At Mike Staff Productions, this is one of the most common questions we get from couples planning their big day. Our answer is always “it depends” – hiring two Detroit wedding photographers adds more variety and coverage, but one skilled photographer can still capture your wedding beautifully.

Below we’ll break down when having two wedding photographers is worth the investment for Detroit weddings, and when one is sufficient. We’ll use local, metro Detroit wedding venues and examples to help you decide what’s best for your priorities and budget.

The Moments Where Two Wedding Photographers Shine in Metro Detroit

Getting Ready Photos 

Before your wedding day, prepping for your pre-ceremony wedding photography is a *thing* to consider, at least an item to discuss and plan with your wedding photographer. The reason? Logistics. Most couples get ready in separate locations – the bride in a hotel with her bridesmaids, and the groom at home with the groomsmen. This poses a challenge for one wedding photographer to capture both simultaneously.

While one photographer could travel between locations, you’ll miss moments like:

  • The groom reading your handwritten letter at his family home in Dearborn
  • Your bridesmaids sipping mimosas while getting ready at the Westin Book Cadillac in Detroit
  • The groomsmen taking shots of whiskey at the groom’s Plymouth home
  • Close-up shots of your dress at your in the bridal suite at Royal Park Hotel

With a second photographer, you can have someone with you the entire time, and someone with your fiance. No special moments missed! 

The First Look 

One of the most emotional parts of your wedding day is seeing your future spouse for the first time. You want a metro Detroit photographer there capturing every angle of your reaction when you tap your groom on the shoulder and he turns around.

While one skilled photographer can do a fantastic job, two wedding photographers allow for more variety during your first look. 

For example, at a popular Metro Detroit venue like Fox Hills Golf Club in Plymouth, one wedding photographer could capture the groom waiting on the garden walkway with his back turned.

The second photographer can be positioned to shoot the bride walking up behind the groom from a different angle. This allows for simultaneous shots of both perspectives – all without missing a single expression.

Your Ceremony

If you’re getting married in a church, restrictions may limit your photographers’ positioning. Only allowing them to shoot from the back or the aisle prevents variety. 

Two wedding photographers increase the chances that one of them can capture the ceremony from an approved angle or balcony to get you walking down the aisle.

For Detroit-area churches like St. Hugo of the Hills in Bloomfield Hills or National Shrine of the Little Flower Basilica in Royal Oak, be sure to ask about photography guidelines.  If having your ceremony creatively photographed is a priority, consider two shooters.

Venue & Decor Details

For brides who have painstakingly planned every wedding detail down to the napkin rings, you want photos capturing all your hard work before guests arrive.

But it can be difficult for one photographer to shoot both the overall venue and the close-up decor details in a finite timeframe. 

Having a second photographer means one can photograph the venue setup and reception hall at your metro Detroit location, while the other captures all the details like your centerpieces, guest book, and personalized signage.

Popular local venues like the historic Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester or the intimate Eagle Tavern in Dearborn have beautiful details worth documenting.

Two wedding photographers ensure everything is covered without sacrifice.

When One Wedding Photographer is Enough

While two photographers provide more flexibility, one seasoned professional wedding photographer can still deliver gorgeous, comprehensive wedding photos. 

  • If you’re getting married at a Detroit venue without strict ceremony rules, like the Whiskey Factory in Detroit, your solo photographer will likely have free rein to move around and capture a variety of angles.
  • For budget-conscious couples, you may decide one top-notch experienced wedding photographer provides everything you need at a lower cost. One photographer means you get the best of their time and focus all day long.
  • As Detroit wedding photography experts, we always recommend taking time to consider your priorities and wedding vision before deciding whether one or two photographers best fits your needs. 

If you want expanded coverage and more variety for those once-in-a-lifetime moments, two wedding photographers add value. But one talented photographer can still beautifully document your big day if planned well. 

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